Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2016

Here we are once again at the end of the year, which means it’s time to share my favorite songs from 2016. I trend towards upbeat, good vibes with some sass and angst mixed in for good measure, and I feel that my favorite songs this year definitely reflect that. Enjoy!  Continue reading Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2016


Wait…WHAT?’s 2016 Summer Playlist

Being that we’re like halfway through August, no time like the present to share my 2016 Summer Playlist! Lots of pop and some local rock–hit play & enjoy!

Wait…WHAT’s 2016 Summer Playlist on Spotify.

Tim Halperin Puts an Acoustic Spin on Rihanna’s “You Da One”

Singer-songwriter and American Idol season 10 alum Tim Halperin released a new video this week, which showcases the talented singer putting his unique twist on Rihanna’s latest single.

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Video: Tim Halperin – “Awkward at the Clubs”

Yesterday while I was getting ready to head down to the HP for various shenanigans that go along with the season 10 Idols being in town, an extremely funny video from Tim Halperin called, “Awkward at the Clubs” popped up on my Twitter feed. Check it out below!

Overall, I think “Awkward at the Clubs” is hilarious. I really like how Tim incorporated a bunch of Top 40 songs and managed to include a line about playing Angry Birds! Pop culture references, FTW!

You can get a free download of “Awkward at the Clubs” >>here<<

If you haven’t already, check out Tim’s music video for “The Last Song“!

For more info on Tim, check out TimHalperin.com!