Review >> ‘American Idol’ Season 15 – Top 2

The final episode of American Idol is upon us, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t having a lot of feelings about the show ending until La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon began their vocal showdown last night. I’m only going to talk about my two favorite performances of the night, being La’Porsha’s “A House Is Not A Home” and Trent’s reprise performance of “Chandelier.” (FYI: This really isn’t a review, it’s more of a lovefest for our Top 2 <3)

First off, they both slayed. Vocals were on point, as far as my ears could tell, and I was living for every second of their performances last night. I have wanted this Top 2 since they teamed up for a duet earlier in the season, and they both proved that “the house the Kelly Clarkson built” legit can’t go wrong with whoever takes the final Idol crown.

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Review >> ‘American Idol’ – Showcase #3

Once again this week, I got completely swept up in American Idol’s Top 24 performances. Apparently it was “Showcase #3” as I guess “Showcase #2” were last week’s duets, confusing, but moving on.

When I saw last week’s contestant lineup, I was a little nervous about this week, but the deck was stacked with some incredible talent. To be quite honest, I went into last night’s performances having this season’s final two already in mind, and then a surprise frontrunner emerged.

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Review >> ‘American Idol’ – Showcase #1

This is the only show that truly takes someone who’s undiscovered and turns them into a superstar.

This is what American Idol host Ryan Seacrest said to 12 of the Top 24 Idol hopefuls that were performing in the first of two showcases last night.

First things first, the statement is an obvious jab at their ratings rival The Voice as they have yet to really launch an artist like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. That being said, going through Idol’s machine doesn’t guarantee superstardom for the winner. Idol would be better off marketing themselves as a platform. The contestants get out of it what they put into it and if they want to be Kelly Clarkson, the work has only begun.

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