Wait…WHAT? is a music blog independently run by Bay Area writer and editor Kirsten Coachman–hi, that’s me!

What began as a hobby in college has remained a long-lasting passion, as I’ve been blogging about music and pop culture for nearly two decades. I’ve covered a variety of artists and bands over the years, soaked up live shows, and have recapped seasons of American Idol and The Voice. I have also had the pleasure of interviewing some the most talented names in the music industry.

Past interviewees include: Rob Thomas (Matchbox Twenty), Billy Martin (Good Charlotte), Paolo Nutini, Gavin DeGraw, James Blunt, Andrew Dost (fun.), Eli Maiman (Walk The Moon), Christina Perri, Hailee Steinfeld, SafetySuit, Kris Allen, David Cook, Marina, Tony Lucca, Vicci Martinez, Finish Ticket, and Tim Halperin, among others.

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