Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2016

Here we are once again at the end of the year, which means it’s time to share my favorite songs¬†from 2016.¬†I trend towards upbeat, good vibes with some sass and angst mixed in for good measure, and I feel that my favorite songs this year definitely reflect¬†that. Enjoy!¬† Continue reading Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2016


Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2015

I was feeling pretty pop-tastic this year, and my favorite songs unabashedly reflect that. I recommend you grab your dancing shoes & hit play! Enjoy!

Hilary Duff – “Sparks”

Continue reading Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2015

Music Monday >> Wait…WHAT?’s 2015 Summer Jamz Playlist

Happy¬†#MusicMonday! Check out¬†my new¬†playlist filled with my favorite songs¬†from this summer. There’s pop, rock and some feel good bops – enjoy!