Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2021

Happy New Year, y’all! I don’t how everyone’s music listening habits fared during 2021, but I found myself leaning into a lot of comfort music from my youth. Though lots of TLC, Boyz II Men, and Britney Spears dominated my playlists, I made plenty of room for 2021 releases.

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Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2016

Here we are once again at the end of the year, which means it’s time to share my favorite songs from 2016. I trend towards upbeat, good vibes with some sass and angst mixed in for good measure, and I feel that my favorite songs this year definitely reflect that. Enjoy!  Continue reading Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2016

Video >> Kris Allen – “Feeling This Way (Rooftop Sessions)”

In a tweet this morning, Kris Allen shared the first installment of a new video series, Rooftop Sessions.

I love that he chose to share a performance of “Feeling This Way,” as it’s my favorite song off his latest album, Letting You In. Make sure to let Kris know on Twitter & Facebook what songs you want to hear in future installments!


Music Monday >> Kris Allen – “Baby, It Ain’t Christmas Without You”

Tickets for Kris Allen’s Letting You In Tour 2016 are on sale now at KrisAllenOfficial.com.

Check out (and follow!) my #MusicMonday playlist on Spotify HERE.

For more of my holiday favorites, check out my Holiday Jamz playlist HERE.


Video >> Kris Allen – “Don’t Set Me Free” (Gnome Studio Sessions)

The newest installment of Kris Allen’s Gnome Studio Sessions is a performance of my favorite track off of Horizons, “Don’t Set Me Free.”

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