Interview: Tucker Click of Hand Made House Talks New Single “Like the Weather”

By Kirsten Coachman

Following last year’s Honestly, Honesty EP, Hand Made House is soaring into spring with the release of their new single, “Like the Weather.”

With their new single, the L.A.-based band comprised of Tucker Click (lead vocals), Josh Nardine (drums), Maison Thomas-Eudy (guitar/vocals), and Amin Mortada (guitar/vocals) continues to build on their foundation of pop and alternative rock with elements of hip hop. Lyrically, the track cuts deep as Click sings of a complicated relationship that’s taken an emotional toll over melodic beats. Confidently executed from start to spirited finish and catchy to boot, don’t be surprised to find yourself singing along to “Like the Weather” by the song’s final chorus.

Hand Made House was founded in 2016 while the bandmates were attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 2018, they released their first EP, How it Ends and Where I’m Going, which featured the single “Through You.” The song made noise across various streaming platforms, where it received over 400,000 streams. The band released several singles throughout 2019 and 2020, including the ever-popular “In Bloom,” “City Girls,” and “That’s Not Love,” prior to releasing their Honestly, Honesty EP last fall. 

Earlier this week, Click graciously took the time to chat with me over the phone about Hand Made House’s tremendous new single, how the band’s creative process changed during the ongoing pandemic, and his hope for the future of live shows.

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Moving to Baby’s Beat

Writer/director Edgar Wright and actor Ansel Elgort discuss the musically infused, high-octane heist film, Baby Driver

To quote the film’s opening song “Bellbottoms” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: “Ladies and gentlemen, right now I got to tell you about the fabulous, most groovy” film of the summer—Baby Driver. Written and directed by Edgar Wright (of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy), Baby Driver is a thrilling action movie that’s uniquely in step with the music being listened to by talented getaway driver, aka “young Mozart in a go-cart,” Baby, played by actor Ansel Elgort (The Fault in Our Stars).

In the film, Baby, who following an ill-fated car crash that resulted in tinnitus or “a hum in the drum,” as charismatically explained by his boss Doc (Kevin Spacey), is constantly plugged into his rotating iPod collection to drown out the noise. Driving to settle a debt with Doc, Baby is teamed up with gun-toting pros Buddy (Jon Hamm), Darling (Eiza Gonzalez) and Bats (Jamie Foxx) to help pull off a string of audacious daytime heists. “Driven by the music,” the unabashedly genre-crossing Baby Driver makes for quite the action-packed cinematic experience. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with both Wright and Elgort during their recent press stop in San Francisco to discuss the film and its noteworthy musicality.

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Hailee Steinfeld Talks ‘The Edge of Seventeen’

Over the past year, Oscar-nominated actress Hailee Steinfeld has established herself as a legitimate popstar with songs “Love Myself” and her current single, “Starving,” with Grey, featuring Zedd. As “Starving” continues to climb Billboard’s Hot 100, the nearly 20-year-old phenom returns to the big screen starring in the highly anticipated coming-of-age feature film The Edge of SeventeenContinue reading Hailee Steinfeld Talks ‘The Edge of Seventeen’

Finish Ticket Discusses New EP And “Surreal” Tour with Twenty One Pilots

“We’re Finish Ticket, and we’re glad to be home,” lead singer Brendan Hoye said as he greeted the sold out crowd at the Fox Theater on Saturday, October 17 in Oakland, California. The Bay Area-based band is currently opening for the uber-popular Twenty One Pilots on the Blurryface Tour which also features Echosmith.

Finish Ticket has spent the past month and a half setting the tone for each night’s show with their stellar combination of melodic rock and pop, highlighting their energetic set with songs from their new EP and Elektra Records debut, When Night Becomes Day.

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Catchy Acoustics: An Interview with Singer/Songwriter Tyler Stimpson

He might not be this year’s winner of American Idol, but East Bay native Tyler Stimpson has a bright future ahead of him. The up-and-coming singer/songwriter was the featured artist at’s final Tuesday Tunes event of Spring 2015 on May 5.

“I started getting into music when I was about 13 years old, which is when I started my YouTube channel,” said Stimpson, who is an online student at the Berklee College of Music. “My dad started teaching me how to play guitar then, and we started learning blues covers and just been going since then.”

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Matt Hires Discusses ‘This World Won’t Last Forever, But Tonight We Can Pretend’

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