Daughtry Performs “Rescue Me” Live in San Francisco at The Warfield

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RECAP: Gavin DeGraw & David Cook LIVE in Santa Rosa, CA

[Note from Kirsten: Yes, this is a recap of my show from last month…better late than never, right? Enjoy!]

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you’re not, get on that), then you know that as soon as it was rumored that Gavin DeGraw and David Cook would be hitting the road together, I was legit excited.

October 20 finally rolled around, and my friend Sarah and I trekked out to Santa Rosa all in the name of seeing what was sure to be an amazing show. And was it ever!

The night kicked off with Carolina Liar, whom I was feeling pretty enamored with at the end of their set. Admittedly, I only knew the songs off their first album, but I’ve already rectified that issue with some Spotify listening sessions.  The band did a great job of getting the crowd going and ready for music from the night’s headliners. I truly look forward to seeing them play again; they brought a lot of excitement to the stage.

Next up was the performer that I was probably most looking forward to seeing that evening, being Mr. Gavin DeGraw. I’ve seen Gavin a couple times before, but I was so looking forward to hearing the new material from Sweeter. I have a lot of love for his latest album. When an artist can take their sound and build on it, to me, that’ s exciting. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see how the new material would be showcased onstage. And, oh man, did he and his band ever deliver!

From the moment Gavin kicked off his set with “Candy,” a song off his new record, I was up and on my feet singing-a-long with the rest of the people in my section that were there to have a good time that night.  Continue reading RECAP: Gavin DeGraw & David Cook LIVE in Santa Rosa, CA


Almost Honest & Distant Dice Perform at Left Coast Live 365

This past Thursday, Left Coast Live 365 kicked off at the Theatre on San Pedro Square in Downtown San Jose with bands Almost Honest and Distant Dice.

Distant Dice kicked off the night, and they were just fantastic. I had checked out some of their music prior to the show that night and was only further intrigued to catch their performance at LCL 365.

Check out their performance of “Firewater” below!

Almost Honest closed the show that night, and I was super stoked to finally get the chance to hear what their vibe was like with a full band. It was great to hear songs off the band’s upcoming EP, and it sounds like people will be in for some awesome music when it’s released!

Check out their performance of “Because of You” below!

For those who were unable to come out, you missed a great show from both Almost Honest and Distant Dice. I strongly encourage y’all to check out the bands at their upcoming shows!

Get more info on Almost Honest and Distant Dice:

Almost Honest: Website/Like Them/Follow Them

Distant Dice: Website/Like Them/Follow Them

And if you haven’t already, check out my exclusive interview with Almost Honest’s Drew Orepeza here.

Video: Allison Iraheta & David Hernandez Perform “Rolling in the Deep”

American Idol alums, Allison Iraheta (season eight) and David Hernandez (season seven) joined the masses who have already covered Adele’s hit song, “Rolling in the Deep” last night during a performance at The Parlor.

Check out the video below!

Q & A with Almost Honest’s Drew Orepeza

San Jose native Drew Orepeza, lead singer of Almost Honest, didn’t always know that music would be his chosen path.

“I always liked to sing. I sang in high school (Pioneer). I didn’t do anything formal, but I would sing at parties,” he said. “I sang at a rally once for fun.”

Even though both of his parents are musically inclined, it wasn’t until after Orepeza graduated from San Jose State University, where he received a degree in Business, that he felt like music was perhaps the right direction for him.

“I was at one of those points in my life where I wanted to do something different. I was a personal trainer, and I wasn’t really happy with what I was doing,” he explained. “So, I decided to drop everything and move to LA when I was 20. So, I started music when I was 20-21. I was a late bloomer, a late starter.”

It was also around this time that Orepeza was introduced to his Almost Honest band-mate, Justin Florence.

“[Justin’s] brother was a radio DJ, and I had cut a demo. I gave it to [him] to listen to; I wanted his critique. It wasn’t very good at that point. He thought there was promise, and he said, ‘My brother is a guitarist. He just got out of a project and he’s looking for something different.’ So he introduced us, and we met at his house one night, and we just jammed. It just kind of clicked.”

Flash-forward to the present, Almost Honest is currently gearing up to release their debut record this early this summer.

This past April, in between flying back and forth to LA to put the finishing touches on Almost Honest’s record, Orepeza and I had an opportunity to sit down one night in Downtown San Jose to talk music, the band, and what to expect from their first record, which Orepeza said, “sounds nothing like what you’ve heard that we’ve done before.”

What artists had an influence on your music?

Growing up, I listened to a lot of 70’s rock. James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, and a lot of classic rock. I think for me, what kind of got me into music was more of the indie scene stuff. An artist named Ernie Halter, Tony Lucca, and some LA guys. I started listening to them around the time I started writing. They kind of inspired me to pick up a guitar and start writing. So, it was more of the indie-folk kind of rock stuff that really got me to where I am with my writing.

How long had you and Justin been playing together before you started playing shows?

After about two months of just trying to throw some songs together, we had a song or two, and we played covers. We had a 6-song set. We played a coffee shop probably like two months after we had met. It was like 12 people. It was like a little coffee shop, but it was fun. I’ll never forget it.

We were really green, but people were like if you guys stick with it, you guys have something special.

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Concert Review >> Glee Live! in San Jose, CA 05.25.2011

Last Wednesday, I got my Gleek on with the best of ‘em at the HP Pavillion in San Jose for Glee Live!

Tickets to the show are a bit on the pricey side, especially if you’re making it a family outing. However, as soon as the curtain rises and Cory Monteith (Finn) and Lea Michele (Rachel) kick off Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” as part of the five original members of Glee’s New Directions, you’ll be happy that that you got to witness this spectacle live.

The stage is set up in such a way that there’s a main stage with a cat walk that leads out to another stage area, which leads into the first few rows of the crowd. Also, about three-fourths the way towards the back of the arena, there’s another small stage set up, which featured a couple of the night’s best performances.

The Glee concert set list highlights fan-favorite group numbers like “Born This Way,” “Loser Like Me,” and “Somebody To Love,” as well as wonderful solo numbers from some the main players.

Mark Salling (Puck), Chord Overstreet (Sam), Kevin McHale (Artie), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), and Darren Criss (Blaine) come together during the show to perform an acoustic version of the Rebecca Black song “Friday.” With both Salling and Overstreet on acoustic guitar, the guys really carved out quite the moment for themselves.

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Video: Bonnie Dune Live at Bottom of the Hill

I headed out to San Francisco last night with one of my friends to check out the band Bonnie Dune at Bottom of the Hill. Cory Monteith, who plays Finn Hudson on Glee, plays the drums in the band!

I had heard a handful of their songs prior to the show and really dug their sound. After seeing Bonnie Dune perform live, I can attest that they are pretty awesome! I strongly urge you to check them out if they ever roll through your town!

As always, I brought something back from the show to share with the class! Enjoy Bonnie Dune performing, “Haunting”!

Awesome, right?

For more info on Bonnie Dune, check out their Facebook & Twitter pages.

Lee DeWyze Performs “Earth Stood Still” at 106.5’s Merry Mixxer

Tonight I attended Mix 106.5’s Merry Mixxer in Campbell, CA where Lee DeWyze was performing, along with Angel Taylor and Plain White T’s.

I will be writing a review of Lee’s set, but in the mean time, here is his performance of “Earth Stood Still” from earlier tonight!