David Cook Live in San Jose, CA – Mix 106.5 Mixxer

Tonight I got to attend the private acoustic Mix 106.5 David Cook Mixxer at the Hotel De Anza.

This was such a treat to attend! I’ve been a longtime fan of David’s since seasoncredit: KirstenCoachman.com seven of American Idol, and I’ve gotten to see him play a handful of times, but I have always wanted to see him play an acoustic set.

David and his guitarist, Neal Tiemann did a short 4-song set for the audience, which included, “Heroes,” “Come Back To Me,” “Light On,” and “The Last Goodbye.”

Check out my video of “The Last Goodbye” after the cut!

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Concert Review >> Lee DeWyze at Mix 106.5’s Very Merry Mixxer

Last week, Lee DeWyze took part in Mix 106.5’s Very Merry Mixxer alongside Angel Taylor and the popular band, Plain White T’s.

He performed second that night, and kicked off his eight-song acoustic set with “Earth Stood Still.” He followed up with a slightly altered version of “Dear Isabelle.” DeWyze changed up the melody just slightly, making the song sound more upbeat.

DeWyze has found balance in his vocals between a soft and subtle vocal and his larger notes. I definitely prefer the stripped down versions of the songs versus the polished studio tracks, because they showcase his true rough around the edges musical style and folk-pop vocals.

One of the highlights from DeWyze’s set was his take on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” His performance was stunning.

I’ve always really liked DeWyze’s voice on this song, and during this particular moment at the show, I was just in awe. It was a fantastic performance.

The other big highlight of the night was “Brooklyn Bridge,” which DeWyze closed his set with. This song should always be performed acoustically; The sentiment behind the lyrics comes across much more powerful.

DeWyze’s stage presence has definitely come a long way from his American Idol days. He bantered a bit with the crowd about how he had been playing his guitar a little too hard, and how much he’s enjoying playing his songs off of Live It Up.

The one thing that I would have changed about DeWyze’s set would be the order of his set list. He played his current single “Sweet Serendipity” in the middle of his set instead of singing it last, which I thought was odd. I would have rearranged his entire set to make it flow a little bit better.

I found DeWyze to be pretty entertaining. His vocals were really on point, and the crowd seemed to love him.

For more information on Lee DeWyze, check out his official website.

Complete set list:

“Earth Stood Still”
“Dear Isabelle”
“Beautiful Like You”
“Sweet Serendipity”
“Live It Up”
“A Song About Love”
“Brooklyn Bridge”

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Lee DeWyze Performs “Earth Stood Still” at 106.5’s Merry Mixxer

Tonight I attended Mix 106.5’s Merry Mixxer in Campbell, CA where Lee DeWyze was performing, along with Angel Taylor and Plain White T’s.

I will be writing a review of Lee’s set, but in the mean time, here is his performance of “Earth Stood Still” from earlier tonight!