Daughtry Performs “Rescue Me” Live in San Francisco at The Warfield

Last Thursday, I headed out to The Warfield to see one of my favorite bands….DAUGHTRY!

It was my fourth time seeing the band and it was the best show I’ve seen them play. The band completely thrived off of the insane energy from the crowd during their hour and 45 minute set.

Chris has really gone from being the lead singer and has transformed into a true frontman. He really utilized the stage more than I’ve seen of him in the past, and interacted with the crowd throughout the entire night. And his voice sounded amazing.

And of course, I brought a piece of the concert back with me to share!

“Rescue Me” is not only my favorite song off of the band’s latest album, Break The Spell, it’s a song they’re using as part of Chris joining forces with DC Comics’ “We Can Be Heroes” campaign to stop hunger in Africa. The band’s releasing an acoustic version of the song and the proceeds will go towards the campaign, which is awesome.

Enjoy Daughtry performing “Rescue Me” live from San Francisco.

So yeah, the Daughtry concert was a rockin’ good time!

Also, I have to mention how ridiculously good their supporting act SafetySuit was. They absolutely captured the audience’s attention, had fantastic stage presence, and we’re just an energetic lead-in to Daughtry. I very much look forward to seeing them play live again.

If you get an opportunity to check out Daughtry’s Break The Spell tour, goooooo! The band is at the top of their game, and their live show is not to be missed.

For more information on the “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, check out DaughtryOfficial.com.


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