Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Albums of 2012

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Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Songs of 2012

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Kirsten’s Birthday Playlist – The Dance It Out Mix

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Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Albums of 2011 (#5 – #1)

Alright y’all, let’s just jump right in! Here are my top five album picks that I found to be absolute ear candy in 2011!

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Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Albums of 2011 (#10 – #6)

I cannot tell you how hard it was narrowing down my 10 favorite albums from the past year. As my taste in music evolved a bit this year, I found myself clinging to albums from artists that I never imagined that I would be into as much as I am now. Earlier this week, I finally narrowed down my list and there are my favorite albums (#10 – #6) from 2011!

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Wait…WHAT? – Answering Your Questions!

Hey y’all, it’s Kirsten! I am slowly, but surely catching up on the blog after being consumed by the holidays! Before Wait…WHAT? had a birthday, I said I would answer six submitted questions. Why six? Because that’s how many years I’ve been running my blog! I was thrilled to receive a handful of questions – big thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers for taking the time to submit them!

Wait…WHAT? Birthday Q&A!

If writing about entertainment/pop culture wasn’t your number one love, what other topic(s) would be your specialty and why?

If my focus wasn’t on pop culture and entertainment, I would probably embrace my inner-foodie. Right after college is when I found myself learning how to cook something other than ramen noodles. And with the help of Rachael Ray and Top Chef, I took a great interest in learning about food and trying new things. So yeah, I would probably be a food blogger.

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Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Concert Moments of 2011

2011 was apparently the year of the live show. I somehow managed to attend 27 shows this year, which is a new record for me. I saw some artists for the first time, like Rihanna, Goo Goo Dolls, and Keith Urban. I also tallied up more shows from some of my favorites, like Gavin DeGraw, Kris Allen, and David Cook.

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Wait…WHAT?’s Five Favorite Songs of 2011

As someone who listens to music and reviews various acts throughout the year, you can imagine trying to narrow the list down to just five songs was a bit of a task. I basically went with the songs that immediately came to mind. All five tracks are songs that I still listen to on a regular basis and that’s what truly makes them a favorite. Throughout this past year, these are songs that have been there for me, allowed me to let go of stress, or just simply put a smile on my face. Or in one particular case, got me up and movin’ like Jagger. So without further ado, allow me to present to you my Five Favorite Songs of 2011!

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Happy Birthday, Wait…WHAT?!

Granted I am super late with this, but I wanted to write something to kind of commemorate the day.

I started this blog six years ago today, because I knew I needed some kind of outlet for my thoughts, which apparently ranged from guyliner to random celebrity news. I took a look back at some of the archives last week, and man, my thoughts were definitely all over the map, which was more than likely due to getting ready to graduate college.

I look at my blog now and I can’t believe the change. I feel like you definitely get my two cents on various topics, but with the reviews and interviews, I feel like you all get to see my love of music & pop culture and how it’s been a positive influence on my life. At certain points this year, I truly felt like I was living my dream.

With that said, to my family, friends, and supporters – thank you so much. You all drive me to pursue what I love to do, and I appreciate your encouragement more than you know. Six years of independently blogging about the things I love and appreciate about in our culture has gone from what I thought would be a hobby to something I hope to do for a long time to come.  I’m pretty psyched to see what 2012 brings to the table!

Peace out!

Kirs :)

Shine on – you were meant to.”