Wait…WHAT? – Answering Your Questions!

Hey y’all, it’s Kirsten! I am slowly, but surely catching up on the blog after being consumed by the holidays! Before Wait…WHAT? had a birthday, I said I would answer six submitted questions. Why six? Because that’s how many years I’ve been running my blog! I was thrilled to receive a handful of questions – big thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers for taking the time to submit them!

Wait…WHAT? Birthday Q&A!

If writing about entertainment/pop culture wasn’t your number one love, what other topic(s) would be your specialty and why?

If my focus wasn’t on pop culture and entertainment, I would probably embrace my inner-foodie. Right after college is when I found myself learning how to cook something other than ramen noodles. And with the help of Rachael Ray and Top Chef, I took a great interest in learning about food and trying new things. So yeah, I would probably be a food blogger.

What has been your favorite part about doing interviews?

My favorite part about conducting interviews, other than talking to the artists themselves, is coming up with the questions. I have my own systematic way of coming up with questions, which is part of the fun in doing interviews. I like asking questions that whoever I’m talking to hasn’t been asked 100x before already. I’ve been really fortunate to interview some of my favorite artists this year, so I definitely like to make the most of those opportunities and ask them things that I am personally curious about, but is also informational to their fanbase.

Are you going to continue to cover American Idol?

I do plan on covering Idol again this season, but you probably won’t hear from me until Hollywood Week. I’m not a fan of the audition episodes at all, plus they tend to highlight most of the same contestants from the auditions in the Hollywood rounds, so  I figure I’ll kick in my two cents once the initial audition episodes wrap up. 

However, I do plan on covering The Voice. I really liked their whole process last season. So, if you’re a fan of The Voice, I hope you’ll follow my coverage of the show here.

So six years after the fact, what is your analysis of the scope of work accomplished and where do you go from here?

I feel like I really grew as a writer this year. I really made a concerted effort with choosing my words, phrasing things, and gave more attention to sentence structure. There are a couple reviews that I wrote this year that I am extremely proud of. They were the result of pushing myself to see what I was capable of accomplishing, and I felt really good about the work I was putting forth.

From here, I will definitely continue to push and challenge myself in 2012. I would love to see some paid opportunities arise, of course. I just want to continue to grow and to become a stronger and well-rounded writer.

What goals would you like to accomplish?

I have a lot of goals that I will be setting out to attain in 2012. As far as the blog goes, I want to aim for posting content everyday for y’all. I also want to highlight my features more, like Lil’ Bro Recommends, Ear Candy, and Redbox Nights.  I just want to make sure I am posting as much original content to the blog as I can. That’s a big goal for next year.

Do you have any advice for those who are new to blogging?

When I first started the blog, my posts were few and far between for the first year or so. Start out by figuring out your schedule and maybe figure out a designated blogging time, whether it’s a couple times a week or depending on what you’re main topic is, a couple times a month. That’s just to get you going, so  you can keep up with blogging consistently. Once you get going and figure out your blogging style and the time commitment, you can adjust your schedule appropriately. And of course, have fun!

Thanks y’all so much for submitting such great questions! I hope I answered everything sufficiently enough. Again, I appreciate the support you have shown to me and the blog. It truly means the world to me!

Don’t forget, you can keep tabs on the blog and my ridiculousness all over the internets!


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