Music Monday >> Wait…WHAT?’s 2015 Summer Jamz Playlist

Happy #MusicMonday! Check out my new playlist filled with my favorite songs from this summer. There’s pop, rock and some feel good bops – enjoy!

The Voice >> The Battle Rounds Roll On!

On last night’s episode of The Voice, the battle rounds continued as the coaches continued to pair off their team for their shot at moving on to the live show.

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Kelly Clarkson To Advise Contestants During Season Two of NBC’s The Voice

The original American Idol is set to work with Blake Shelton’s team of contestants during the upcoming season of The Voice.

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Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Albums of 2011 (#10 – #6)

I cannot tell you how hard it was narrowing down my 10 favorite albums from the past year. As my taste in music evolved a bit this year, I found myself clinging to albums from artists that I never imagined that I would be into as much as I am now. Earlier this week, I finally narrowed down my list and there are my favorite albums (#10 – #6) from 2011!

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Music Review >> Glee Cast – “Silly Love Songs”

Glee is getting lovey-dovey this week with the song selections from their Valentines’ Day-themed episode, “Silly Love Songs.”

For the second episode in a row Kevin McHale (Artie) takes a Michael Jackson hit. In his episode, he’s singing “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing).” Out of all the males, I think McHale was definitely the right choice to sing this song. His voice has the right tone and flavor to pull this song off. I think it was important for him and the show to not have a carbon-copy vocal, but still manage to keep the essence of the song intact, and I think they succeeded on both levels.

This week Mark Salling (Puck) is singing Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” I know this song fits in with Puck’s storyline for the episode, but I feel like the song was in the wrong key for him. At times it sounded like he was straining to hit the higher notes. Because of this, I have to wonder if the backing vocals are purposely drowning his voice out. It seems depending on the song selection for him, Salling’s vocal performances continue to be very hit or miss this season.

We’re treated to two songs from Dalton Academy’s Warblers during the episode. Per usual, the vocal stylings of Darren Criss (Blaine) are featured on both tracks. First up with Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone,” Criss continues to impress. His vocal performance is flirty and has some swagger to it, which really adds to the song overall. There’s a big note that he hits at the end of the song which is absolutely fantastic. I really like that the Warblers sing songs that are more pop/R&B, because it distinguishes their style from New Directions.
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‘Glee’ Music Preview >> “When I Get You Alone”

Apparently it’s “Darren Criss Week,” and we’re being spoiled with interviews and Glee clips. I’m definitely not complaining!

Check out Darren as Blaine with the Warblers performing Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone” in a clip from Tuesday night’s upcoming Glee episode, “Silly Love Songs.”

I absolutely love this! Probably my favorite song the Warblers have done this season!

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