Wait…WHAT?’s Favorite Albums of 2011 (#10 – #6)

I cannot tell you how hard it was narrowing down my 10 favorite albums from the past year. As my taste in music evolved a bit this year, I found myself clinging to albums from artists that I never imagined that I would be into as much as I am now. Earlier this week, I finally narrowed down my list and there are my favorite albums (#10 – #6) from 2011!

#10. Robin Thicke – Love After War

I realize that Love After War was only released earlier this month, but it has quickly become my favorite album from Robin, since his 2006 release, The Evolution of Robin Thicke. There’s a real soul, reminiscent of Otis Redding on this record. I love the combination of sounds from the 60’s & 70’s with contemporary R&B. I love that Robin is kind of mixing it up; it makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

Definite Downloads: “An Angel On Each Arm,” “All Tied Up,” & “Love After War”

#9 Scotty McCreery – Clear As Day

Oh my word, a country music album made the cut this year! But with a voice like Scotty McCreery’s, you really can’t be all that shocked. This album displays the same singer that we got to know on American Idol this year, which is partly why I think the album has been so successful. Obviously, it’s also been successful, because the music is fantastic. (And I’m saying this as someone who usually steers clear of country music.) Clear As Day was flawlessly put together for Scotty. It’s not chock-full of ballads; a good portion of the album is wonderfully upbeat. If this album is any indication of what’s to come from Scotty and what his voice is capable of; I think we’re all in for a treat for years to come.

Definite Downloads: “Water Tower Town,” “Out of Summertime,” & “Dirty Dishes”

#8. David Cook – This Loud Morning

I had never anticipated a sophomore album more than I had been anticipating the arrival of  DCook’s This Loud Morning. Taking his time with this album really allowed him to elevate the music arrangements to a whole new level. Also, David’s vocal performance on this record is no joke. I definitely came to fully appreciate the album on a whole different level after hearing the new material live. I think he sounds better than ever. And what I appreciate the most about his music is that he never tries to sound like anyone else, which is what makes This Loud Morning undeniably a David Cook record.

Definite Downloads: “Circadian,” “We Believe,” “Paper Heart,” “Rapid Eye Movement”

#7. Tim Halperin – Rise and Fall

Full of honest emotion and lovely melodies, Tim Halperin’s debut full-length album, Rise and Fall delivers on every level. I don’t think I’ve ever been this impressed with an independently released album before. The combination of his amazing vocal performance,  his heartfelt and earnest lyrics with the song arrangements and  overall production, Tim proved that you don’t need Idol to make a fantastic album; you just need real deal talent and the determination to make it happen.

Definite Downloads: “The Last Song,” “Bullet,” “Memories On The Ground” & “Pretty Girls”

#6. Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

Oops…she did it again, y’all! Britney released her latest album in 2011, which kept me dancing throughout the year! Not gonna front, I wasn’t crazy about lead single, “Hold It Against Me, ” but once I gave the entire album a spin, I couldn’t have been a happier Britney fan. Femme Fatale is simply fun dance-pop and is one of the best albums of Britney’s career.

Definite Downloads: ‘Till The World Ends,” “Inside Out,” “Big Fat Bass”

There are the first handful of my favorite albums from 2011! What were some of your favorite albums this year?


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