Q&A with ‘The Sing-Off’s’ Nick Lachey

This week on NBC’s The Sing-Off, the remaining six groups from the second bracket of the competition will be singing “Radio Hits” and “60’s Classics” for judges, Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, and Shawn Stockman.

The show’s host, Nick Lachey, recently did a question and answer session with various media outlets, where he spoke about aspects about the show, the judges and contestants, plus his love of acapella music.

What was the decision to expand the competition to 16 groups this season?

We were afforded the opportunity to have a longer season, 11 episodes this year opposed to the five we had last year. So, it just gave us an opportunity to expand the search and expand the audition process and ultimately have more groups compete, which I think is great.

You see, a real diversity between the groups, everything from high schoolers to our first ever rapper on the show, and the old doo-wop guys, North Shore. You’ve got a wide range of acapella represented. And think it’s great we’re able to expand it.

What does Sara bring to the table as a judge?

Sara has been such an absolute joy to around to work with. I think she’s such a brilliant songwriter and musician in her own right, and she brings a wealth of knowledge to the panel. I said this before and I’ll say it again, I think she’s the absolute perfect fit for The Sing-Off is and what The Sing-Off’s all about.

Although you’ve had a solo career after 98 Degrees, do you ever yearn to be a part of a group again after watching these talented acapella groups on The Sing-Off?

Sure, sure yes. It’s a contagious show to be a part of. And I think there’s a camaraderie that comes with being in a group of any kind or a band. And certainly that was true for 98 Degrees. There was a real kind of special brotherly kind of bond that we all shared.

And yes, I miss that. It’s fun to go through those experiences with other people and guys you care about. And so yes, there’s definitely something to be said for being part of a group like that.

How do you feel this year’s groups compare to the previous season’s?

Not to take anything away from previous seasons, but I think the groups this year have been just unbelievable. The talent level across the board is certainly improved this season. And as I said earlier, the diversity of the groups has really I think improved this season.

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Wait…WHAT’s Favorite 2010 Concert Moments

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am prone to attending a ton of live shows. I get asked from time to time what my favorite shows have been, and I figured I would pull some of my favorite moments from shows I attended this past year to share with y’all!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite concert moments from 2010!

“If I Had You” — Adam Lambert, San Francisco, 07.23.2010

This was such an amazing show, I am happy that I was able to land a ticket so last minute! Say whatever you want, but Adam is an amazing live performer. “If I Had You” was one of the best moments of the night!

“Paint It Black” – – Siobhan Magnus, Sacramento, 08.18.2010

Siobhan has a voice to be reckoned with. Her performance during the Idol tour was nothing short of phenomenal. The last big glory note…chills.

“Send Me All Your Angels” — Kris Allen, San Francisco, 04.14.2010

This song holds special meaning to me, and to get to hear it live just really meant a lot. Plus, you really can’t go wrong at an acoustic Kris show.

“Home” — Daughtry & Jason Wade, Sacramento, 05.07.2010

I love Daughtry and I love Lifehouse. When Jason Wade joined Daughtry on stage to sing with the band, I could barely contain my excitement! To make the moment even more special, I was at the show with my Aunt Ruthie who absolutely loves Daughtry, and it was great to be able to share that night and moment with her.

“Missing You” — Tyler Hilton, San Francisco, 04.29.2010

My friend Karen hooked me up with a ticket to check Tyler out for the first time. Man, he puts on such a great show! While he was on the show One Tree Hill, he recorded a cover of “Missing You,” which was one of my favorite songs during college. I was very excited when he performed it at the show.

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Wait…WHAT’s Favorite Albums of 2010

It’s that time where I reveal 10 albums that I enjoyed throughout the year. My picks are personal favorites that were in constant rotation in my car stereo. I think a couple of the albums are no brainers that they made the list, and there might be a couple surprises.

So, in no particular order, here are my favorite albums of 2010.

Music From Glee: Journey to Regionals EP

I have reviewed a lot of Glee music this year, and my favorite batch of songs came from the Journey to Regionals EP. I love the Journey covers, but the shining gem is Jonathan Groff’s cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Seriously, go take a listen. It’s absolute ear candy.


Darren Criss: Human EP

Darren Criss is hands down the best thing that’s happened to my iTunes this year. His Human EP is made up of five relatable tracks that will pull on your heartstrings. I can’t wait to see what this singer-songwriter can do with a full studio album.



Ke$ha: Animal

I didn’t really know what to make of Ke$ha when “Tik Tok” first came out. After taking a listen to her album, I realized that homegirl’s music is absolutely infectious. If you want to feel good and dance, Animal was where it was at this year.

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