Wait…WHAT’s Favorite 2010 Concert Moments

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am prone to attending a ton of live shows. I get asked from time to time what my favorite shows have been, and I figured I would pull some of my favorite moments from shows I attended this past year to share with y’all!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite concert moments from 2010!

“If I Had You” — Adam Lambert, San Francisco, 07.23.2010

This was such an amazing show, I am happy that I was able to land a ticket so last minute! Say whatever you want, but Adam is an amazing live performer. “If I Had You” was one of the best moments of the night!

“Paint It Black” – – Siobhan Magnus, Sacramento, 08.18.2010

Siobhan has a voice to be reckoned with. Her performance during the Idol tour was nothing short of phenomenal. The last big glory note…chills.

“Send Me All Your Angels” — Kris Allen, San Francisco, 04.14.2010

This song holds special meaning to me, and to get to hear it live just really meant a lot. Plus, you really can’t go wrong at an acoustic Kris show.

“Home” — Daughtry & Jason Wade, Sacramento, 05.07.2010

I love Daughtry and I love Lifehouse. When Jason Wade joined Daughtry on stage to sing with the band, I could barely contain my excitement! To make the moment even more special, I was at the show with my Aunt Ruthie who absolutely loves Daughtry, and it was great to be able to share that night and moment with her.

“Missing You” — Tyler Hilton, San Francisco, 04.29.2010

My friend Karen hooked me up with a ticket to check Tyler out for the first time. Man, he puts on such a great show! While he was on the show One Tree Hill, he recorded a cover of “Missing You,” which was one of my favorite songs during college. I was very excited when he performed it at the show.

“Stand By Me”/”Seven Nation Army”/”SexyBack” Medley — One Republic, Berkeley, 10.10.2010

I will never claim to be the  biggest One Republic fan, but this medley is simply amazing. I never thought that Ryan Tedder had that much showmanship in him, but he worked it out!

“Cover Girl” — Joey McIntyre, San Francisco, 10.21.2010

I have been a fan of Joey’s since I was a little girl infatuated with New Kids. I’ve been following his solo career since high school, but never had a chance to attend one of his solo shows until this past October. The whole night in and of itself was a great moment.

“King of Anything” — Sara Bareilles, San Francisco, 09.26.2010

I spent my birthday out at Golden Gate Park with some my dearest friends and amazing live music. I hadn’t seen Sara live since 2004, when she opened for Maroon 5, and I was completely blown away by how amazing she is. And her commentary in between songs is so hilarious. Enjoy her foul-mouthed fabulousness.

“Give A Little More” — Maroon 5, San Francisco, 11.08.2010

Being able to attend the free M5 in the city was super awesome. Being that close to one of my very favorite bands was just an amazing , even though my friends and I about froze outside The Fillmore waiting to get in. Totally worth it! (Watch for ninja!Adam looking directly into my camera. I didn’t notice it  for weeks! LOL)

“Live Like We’re Dying” — Kris Allen, San Francisco, 06.27.2010

Alice 97.3’s Summerthing was my first time seeing Kris performing with a full band, and it was so much fun! It was great to see this huge crowd of 18,000 people sing-a-long to with him. It was a great day to be a music fan.

“Take Me Away” — Lifehouse, San Francisco, 06.27.2010

This performance at Summerthing was hands down my favorite concert moment of the year, because “Take Me Away” is not only my favorite Lifehouse song, but it’s my favorite song, period. To hear it played live for the first time ever, was an amazing and overwhelming experience. This moment is something I’m not going to forget anytime soon.

These were my favorite concert moments of 2010! I am so excited to see more live music in the new year!

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2 thoughts on “Wait…WHAT’s Favorite 2010 Concert Moments”

  1. Great shows! Moreover, I’d have to add Alex Band’s New York City Highline Ballroom concert to that list, and place it on top too, because it was the best concert that I experienced during 2010~ Alex Band is an AWESOME PERFORMER & HIS SONGS ARE GREAT!!

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