David Cook Live in San Jose, CA – Mix 106.5 Mixxer

Tonight I got to attend the private acoustic Mix 106.5 David Cook Mixxer at the Hotel De Anza.

This was such a treat to attend! I’ve been a longtime fan of David’s since seasoncredit: KirstenCoachman.com seven of American Idol, and I’ve gotten to see him play a handful of times, but I have always wanted to see him play an acoustic set.

David and his guitarist, Neal Tiemann did a short 4-song set for the audience, which included, “Heroes,” “Come Back To Me,” “Light On,” and “The Last Goodbye.”

Check out my video of “The Last Goodbye” after the cut!

David was completely personable during the set, he bantered back and forth with the audience, and really seemed to be enjoying himself! I hope he did, because he was really entertaining, and it was so great to see him perform some of my favorite songs of his acoustic.

Something cool, before the show one of the radio staffers came by and asked my friends and I if we had a question for David. And my arm just sort of shot up on it’s own.

If you follow this blog or my writing, you know that I have interviewed former Idol winners/contestants and of course would love to interview David about his music. (BTW, if you can make this happen, feel free to contact me!) So my inner-interviewer had to ask David a question, and it was something I actually had jotted down in some writing notes a couple weeks ago.

I know there’s video of this coming, but I asked this (more or less):

“I read that when Maroon 5 wrote “She Will Be Loved” that they knew that they had this special song, and I was wondering if there is a song like that for you that’s special on your upcoming album?”

That was the jist of my question, and his answer was fantastic! He cited two songs, “Circadian” and “Rapid Eye Movement,” which he feels both represent the progression in his music. I can’t wait for the video, so you can hear his full explanation.

Overall, I had such a fantastic night! It was so great to see David, and I can’t wait to hit up the San Francisco show tomorrow!

Until then, here are a handful of pictures from tonight’s show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, I don’t know it’s shown in any of the above pictures, but David & Neal set up an empty guitar case with a note that said, “TIPS.” What we thought was the guys just being funny, was actually a very kind act. Whatever was “tipped” was going to be matched by David + a little more tossed in and would be donated to a local San Jose charity. Gotta love that.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up with me at tomorrow’s show in San Francisco!

05.23.2011 – UPDATE: Video of me asking David my question! Big thank you to my friend Izzy for taping this! My question is right around the three minute mark!


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