Ear Candy >> Kris Allen – “The Vision of Love”

The wait is finally over! Take a listen to Kris Allen’s new single!

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Ear Candy: Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera – “Moves Like Jagger”

Happy New Music Tuesday! There is a bunch of great music coming out today, which includes a new single from Maroon 5 featuring the one and only, Christina Aguilera on “Moves Like Jagger.” Take a listen below!

I am really loving this song! A dance track from Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera is pretty much a dream come true. The beat, the guitar, Adam Levine’s “MoOoOoOoOves” line in the chorus make for a fun track that I will be singing-a-long to all summer!

Don’t forget to tune in tonight to The Voice, to see Maroon 5 and Christina perform “Moves Like Jagger” live!

Buy “Moves Like Jagger” on iTunes!

What do y’all think of the combination of Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera on “Moves Like Jagger”?

Ear Candy: Michelle Branch – “Loud Music”

Earlier this week, Michelle Branch held a webcast and debuted her new single, “Loud Music” that will be officially released on June 14.

Take a listen below!

 After my first listen of “Loud Music,” I feel that the song is poignant and the lyrics are relatable. Also, I love it when she’s doing music with a rock/pop vibe, so I am stoked to hear the rest of her album.

What do y’all think of “Loud Music”?

New Features For Wait…WHAT? at KirstenCoachman.com

As American Idol starts back up, I will be getting ready to make an attempt at writing a lot of words about the new crop of contestants for BlogCritics, while maintaining fresh content for Wait…WHAT? at KirstenCoachman.com.

I have come up with some features that will be for the most part exclusive to Wait…WHAT? at KirstenCoachman.com. They will highlight mainly movies and music. Big shocker, right? ;)

I have come up with two new movie features for the blog, Netflix Nights and Lil’ Bro Recommends, and a music feature called, Ear Candy.

I am slowly making my way through my Netflix queue, and I figured along the way, I would do some original commentary with my Netflix Nights feature. I already did some commentary about Charlie St. Cloud earlier this week. I don’t see a whole lot of movies while they are in the theater, so some movies may be somewhat old, and in some cases you’ll probably just question my taste. Haha!

Lil Bro Recommends is a new feature that’s going to be made up of movies that I have watched based on recommendation from my lil’ bro. He’s got a very eclectic taste when it comes to films (he’d probably just refer to it as having good taste), but so far he hasn’t thrown me anything too left of center. I’ve already watched a couple movies he’s recommended, so there should be commentary up about those soon.

Ear Candy will be apart of my music reviews. I tend to do a lot of album reviews, and I want to put my two cents in about new songs that are coming out this year.

Idol Wired is my upcoming Idol feature on BlogCritics, and I also will be posting every column here as well. Idol Wired will include my weekly commentary, plus Idol news, interviews, and music reviews of former contestant’s music. It’s an all-encompassing feature.

Yay, new features! I’m very excited for what 2011 will bring and I hope you keep coming by the blog to check out the posts and comment!

Also check out:

http://twitter.com/IdolWired (where I will be live-tweeting Idol during the WC show. My immediate reactions to Idol performances and the judges’ critiques will be there, so follow me!)

If you haven’t already, also follow me at @KirsCoachman on Twitter!

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