Idol Wired >> Five Changes I Hope to See During ‘American Idol’s’ Tenth Season

It was a long summer, fall and start of winter, but American Idol is back for their tenth season and I am ready! New judges, new contestants, and a new feature! Welcome to “Idol Wired”!

Alright, so my favorite reality show that drives me crazy on a weekly basis from this Wednesday through the end of May is back, and I came up with what changes that I would like to see this season as American Idol turns 10.

Keep the spotlight on the contestants

There have been shake-ups at the judges’ table since season eight, which have garnered much more attention than deserved. I think once the initial shock of the new faces at the judges’ table wears off this season, the show needs to adjust it’s attention back to it’s contestants.

I think one way to do this is to show more of the contestant’s personality in the pre-performance videos. Last season we learned that Lee DeWyze worked at a paint store. What we didn’t learn is that he’s fairly hilarious. Most fans learned this during the summer Idol tour meeting him before and after the shows.

I think over the past couple seasons, the audience really hasn’t been able to connect with the contestants, which is in part why last season wasn’t as successful as previous seasons.

Judges should be clear and concise with their post-performance critiques

I think the judge’s critiques on Idol should be like Twitter. You need to get out what you want to say about the contestant’s performance in 140 characters or less. I feel that the judges should be able to let the contestants know if they liked or disliked the performance with a reason backing their opinion in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, if the judges didn’t talk so much it could allow for slightly longer performances from the contestants.

No more lip-syncing during the group numbers

One of the things that bothered me during both seasons eight and nine of Idol was the very apparent lip-syncing during the group numbers. I know that a lot of the time they pre-tape the group performances before the live elimination, which means there really isn’t any excuse for not singing live. I don’t care if they have to auto-tune the crap out of the vocals, but singing live would be more legit than shooting a live music video.

Keep Idol Gives Back separate from the results show

I am all for Idol Gives Back. I think it’s such a great cause, but I know I wasn’t the only one last year that really just wanted to get to the results already. Two hours is a long time to find out who’s been eliminated, especially when all the additional musical guests on the show are fairly boring.

Idol did it right in season seven, and had the performance night, Idol Gives Back the next night, and then the results were the following night. I am all for not smashing one’s hopes and dreams, while bring awareness to great cause. Plus, having the results separate from IGB, allows the eliminated contestant to have a proper send-off.

Last season when Tim Urban was eliminated, he didn’t even get to sing his reprise. Granted no one was really surprised at his elimination, but I think every eliminated contestant deserves their chance to shine on the Idol stage that last time.

If Idol alumni are going to appear on the show, let them sing their own songs

I love it when Idol alumni return to the show to perform. I think that Idol is a great platform for Idol winners and former contestants to continually take advantage of while doing album promotion, because the audience is still there and wants to know what they are up to. Last season, some contestants, including Idol winners, were brought back to perform cover songs.

Season eight’s winner Kris Allen performed a cover of The Beatles’ “Let It Be” during the first results show of the season. Now I realize that the recording of the song was available on iTunes to benefit Idol Gives Back, but Kris’ single at the time, “Live Like We’re Dying was still climbing the charts. I really felt that they should have had him perform his single during the results show night, then brought him back to perform “Let It Be” during the IGB show, whether live or pre-taped. Along with Kris, David Cook, David Archuleta, Brooke White, Matt Giraud, and Scott MacIntyre all performed covers during season nine.

I love seeing some of my favorite Idols return to the show, but at the same time, I feel like they would benefit more if they were allowed to sing their current singles, or anything thing off their album. I get that Idol likes to tie their musical guests to each week’s theme, but my hope for this year is that they really support the talent that has come out of this show, and allow them to share their music with the Idol audience that maybe hasn’t heard it yet.

Alright Idol fans, if the power was in your hands, what changes would you like to see during the tenth season?

The season premiere of the tenth season of American Idol kicks off Wednesday, January 19 at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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9 thoughts on “Idol Wired >> Five Changes I Hope to See During ‘American Idol’s’ Tenth Season”

  1. I really agree with keeping Idol Gives Back and the results show separate. It
    seems like torture for the contestants when it’s purported to be a benevolent
    An excellent suggestion to allow returning Idol alumni to perform their own
    music. Come one, we want to see these singers perform their own music.

    Great blog!

    Bring it in on American Idol!

    I’m excited to see Stephen Tyler do his thing and I may even learn to like
    Jennifer Lopez.

    1. A lot of my suggestions, if not all of them came to mind after last season. Looking back, season nine was a hot mess. Too many judges, too much back talk, Idol alums singing covers.

      I really think Lee DeWyze will be in trouble, if he can’t perform “Sweet Serendipity” on Idol in the next couple months. He needs that push. He’s in the Top 30 on the charts, but he could have a Top 20 hit with a little push from Idol.

      I feel like Idol isn’t supporting the talent that has left their show, you would think that they would want to brag and show them off. “Remember this guy? He’s from our show, he has a number one song, and he’s here to perform it.”

      The Idol audience needs reminders, because obviously at the end of the day, they’re not buying the Idol’s music. That is apparent from the album sales.

      Sorry, that was way more ranty than I meant it to be!

      Glad you enjoyed the first article. I can’t believe Idol is just about here!

  2. Judges should be clear and concise with their post-performance critiques

    Yeah, definitely. I was going to say “I don’t see the use for four judges” but then I realized that there are three now! LOL, shows how much I’ve been following the pre-season. But hopefully now that they’re back to three, they won’t talk too much.

    I pretty much agree with all your other hopes and wishes for this next season as well, and I hope all of those changes are implemented. I’m not too thrilled about what I’m hearing about the theme changes though.

    1. I am disappointed about the contestants not being necessarily pushed outside their comfort zones. Some of the best and most creative performances have been when the contestants had to step away from their normal routine, and do something a little left of center.

      Nigel has said that they are looking for the next big superstar. And you I think to qualify for such a title, I think you have to be well-versed in all kinds of music, not just one genre.

      I could rant forever about the changes. LOL

  3. Great blog! Love all your suggestions!

    The returning Idols should definitely get to sing their new releases … loved hearing David Archuleta sing Imagine again last season but would have preferred to hear something from his amazing new album, “The Other Side of Down.” Didn’t the contestants do enough covers when they were on the show? lol

    And since the contestants get onto the show with an a cappella audition, I’ve often thought they should have to do an a cappella number in the finals … separates the lightweights from the great voices!

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