Music Video: Anoop Desai – “All Is Fair (Crazy Love)”

So I am late to the party with this one, but Anoop Desai from the eighth season of American Idol recently released a music video for his single “All Is Fair (Crazy Love).”

Check it out below!

I am diggin’ this song!

What do y’all think?

Kris Allen Performs the National Anthem at the Pro Bowl

Kris Allen did a fantastic job singing the National Anthem a little while ago live at the Pro Bowl.

Check out his performance below!

He sounded great!

Can’t wait for new music from him!

What did y’all think?

Video Source: MjsBigBlog

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Kris Allen Tweets “Alright With Me” Music Video

Kris Allen just tweeted a thank you to the fans, and in his last tweet included a link to a music video for “Alright With Me (A Thank You To The Fans).”

The video was directed and edited by Matthew Leonard. This is seriously better than any video treatment I could have imagined for this song! I can’t believe that Kris and KAB pulled this off without fans finding out! So awesome!

Check it out!

Absolutely love it!