Video: Mini Warbler Performs “Teenage Dream”

I came across this video on Twitter earlier today, and it’s basically the cutest thing ever. Check it out!

A certain Glee cast member also saw the video and tweeted his thoughts!

That mini Warbler is all sorts of adorable! (And that guy that plays a Warbler on TV isn’t so bad himself!)

Music Review >> ‘Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers’

If you follow my blog here, then you know that I have already reviewed every Dalton Academy Warbler track that has been released up until this new Glee: The Music presents The Warblers album. Basically, this is going to a scrapbook of a review post, because all reviews from “Teenage Dream” to “Raise Your Glass” are coming from my previous Glee Cast reviews. Just a friendly FYI.

Track 1 – “Teenage Dream

Hands down my favorite track from “Never Been Kissed” was Dalton Academy Warblers’ version of Katy Perry’s huge hit, “Teenage Dream.” The song features lead vocals from Glee newcomer, Darren Criss (Blaine). This is a song that I wouldn’t expect to hear covered by a guy, but I thought Glee’s interpretation was wonderful.

The arrangement for this song is great. Replacing instruments with harmonizing does not go unnoticed. The harmonizing is a huge part about what makes Glee’s take on “Teenage Dream” so successful.

I really enjoy Criss’ voice. His voice is a great addition to the cast this season, and I hope that the audience gets to hear more from him.

Track 2 – “Hey, Soul Sister

The multiple-part harmonies combined with Criss’ voice breathe new life into one of the most over-played songs on the radio.

Track 3 – “Bills, Bills, Bills

In “The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle” episode, we once again hear from Dalton Academy’s Warblers who sing Destiny’s Child hit song, “Bills, Bills, Bills.” The song features cast member Darren Criss (Blaine) on lead vocals.

Criss is showing some vocal versatility on his part with this track. If you’ve listened to his EP, you kind have the idea that he’s more of a folk-pop singer. He really embraced the spirit of this track and infused the attitude of the lyrics into his vocal. I really liked hearing Criss on an R&B track, because it allowed him to show a more soulful side to his voice.

I also have to give mention to the very talented singers, the Beelzebubs from Tufts University, who play The Warblers. Their a cappella skills are like none other that I’ve heard in a while. I think they did a phenomenal job on the backing vocals for “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

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‘Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers’ Out April 19

Glee: The Music presents The Warblers is due out April 19, and will highlight Glee’s Dalton Academy Warblers, the all-male a capella singing group featuring Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, the Tufts University Beezlebubs.

The album will include “Teenage Dream,” which still holds the record of having the best first-week sales of any Glee track, along with “Bills, Bills, Bills,” and “When I Get You Alone.” The album will additionally feature two exclusive songs, one of which being Barbra Streisand’s “What Kind of Fool,” which Darren Criss and the Warblers performed as the opening number at the 2011 MusiCares Person of the Year gala.

Songs from Glee’s Dalton Academy Warblers have sold 1.3 million tracks to date. In the last week, Glee had it’s highest first-week sales from a single episode with 722,998 downloads of tracks from “Original Song.” Combined with their other music, Glee sold 964,000 downloads in the last seven days, which breaks their own record that they set this past February with 880,000 tracks sold in one week.

Glee: The Music presents The Warblers is set to be released April 19. For more information on music from Glee, check out their official music website.

Glee: The Music presents The Warblers track listing:

1. “Teenage Dream” (Katy Perry)
2. “Hey Soul Sister” (Train)
3. “Bills, Bills, Bills” (Destiny’s Child)
4. “Silly Love Songs” (Wings)
5. “When I Get You Alone” (Robin Thicke)
6. “Animal” (Neon Trees)
7. “Misery” (Maroon 5)
8. “Blackbird” (The Beatles)
9. “Candles” (Hey Monday)
10. “Raise Your Glass” (P!nk)
11. “Somewhere Only We Know” (Keane)
12. “What Kind Of Fool” (Barbra Steisand)
13. “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” (Rod Stewart)

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Darren Criss Performing at Young Actors’ Theater Camp

Glee’s Darren Criss recently taught a master class and performed during the winter session of the Young Actors’ Theater Camp.

Check out his performances of “Get Back to Hogwarts” and “Teenage Dream” below!

I love that he’s performing this by himself! It’s ‘totally awesome!’

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Best of ‘Glee’ Music in 2010

After reviewing the music from Glee for a good part of the year, I have compiled what I believe to be the 10 best tracks recorded by the Glee cast in 2010.

10. “Faithfully”

The duet between Lea Michele and Cory Monteith of Journey’s “Faithfully” was New Directions lead in song during Regionals. I am a huge fan of both of their singing voices. Michele and Monteith seem to compliment each other very well. This song is what I thought to be their shining moment singing together during the last part of season one.

9. “Beautiful”

Amber Riley has had some amazing vocal performances this year, but it was her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s huge hit song, “Beautiful” that really blew me away. The song allowed for Riley to show off multiple facets of her vocal range, as well as sing a powerful message.

8. “Stop! In The Name of Love/Free Your Mind”

This mash-up from season two features all the Glee guys from New Directions. I really enjoyed this track, and the guys sounded great. I have to add that Chord Overstreet sounds really charming during his verse. I thought the track was well-produced, and who would have ever thought that Diana Ross and EnVogue would meld well together into one song?

7. “Toxic”

It was a toss-up decision between this and “Me Against the Music,’ which I thought was another great track from the Britney Spears themed episode at the beginning of season two. I picked this track, because I really liked what they did with using the harmonies in place of instruments. Plus, it was nice to hear Matthew Morrison singing with the rest of the cast.

6. “Bad Romance”

The Glee ladies, along with Chris Colfer really nailed the essence of this song on the head. This track is infused with a lot of personality, which is what makes it just as much fun to listen to as the original Lady Gaga version.

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Music Review >> Darren Criss – ‘Human’

Darren Criss made a huge impact during his first singing appearance as Blaine on Glee in episode 2×6, “Never Been Kissed.” As a fan of Glee, I definitely took notice of his presence, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

The Glee version of Katy Perry’s hit “Teenage Dream,” which features Criss on lead vocals, hit number one on iTunes selling 214,000 copies during it’s first week according to Entertainment Weekly.

Criss independently released his acoustic EP Human this past summer. In five tracks, the singer-songwriter proves that he is the real deal.

Human touches on the basic emotions that we all experience throughout our lives, like love, heartbreak, and jealousy. Criss’ voice exhibits sincerity and passion in each of the songs on his EP.

One of the songs, “Not Alone,” which Criss performed live at the Trevor Project benefit earlier this month, showcases his vocal range from his larger drawn out notes to his falsetto. The chorus also happens to be quite catchy. I promise that you will be singing-a-long by the end of the song. Also, there’s a feeling of truthfulness in the lyrics, which serves almost as a reminder that we’re all capable of these emotions that make us inevitably human.

Production-wise, one can only imagine what Criss could accomplish if he had the time to record a full-length studio album with a full band. For recording the EP at home, the overall sound is pretty good. It’s nice to hear Criss’ raw vocals that are not glossed over by studio magic.

Listeners can experience soul-filled songs from a very talented Criss, who demonstrates great potential with his EP.

For more information on Darren Criss, check out his official website.

Definite Downloads: “Not Alone” and “Jealousy”

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Darren Criss & Katy Perry Perform “Teenage Dream” Live at the Trevor Project

There was huge buzz in Twitterland last night that Glee star Darren Criss was joined on stage at the Trevor Project benefit in LA by Katy Perry during his performance of “Teenage Dream.”

And finally there’s video! Check it out below!

I loved that Katy joined him on stage, I just wish she sounded better live.

For more information on the Trevor Project, click here.

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Darren Criss Performs “Teenage Dream” at The Mint

Over the weekend, my new crush Darren Criss performed a couple shows live at The Mint in LA.

Towards the end of his set, he played an acoustic version Glee’s new best selling single, “Teenage Dream.”

Check it out!

As much as I love his version of “Teenage Dream” on Glee (which may or may not be my new ringtone), I am loving this acoustic version of the Katy Perry song.

I am so happy that Glee has signed Darren on as a series regular, I can’t wait to hear more of his voice!

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Music Review >> Music From ‘Glee,’ Episode 2×6 “Never Been Kissed”

The four songs featured in this week’s episode of Glee pack quite the musical punch.

Diving into the tracks this week, the weakest is definitely the duet between Mark Salling (Puck) and Kevin McHale (Artie) on Bob Marley’s “One Love (People Get Ready).” This song really doesn’t fit Salling’s voice, although when harmonizing with McHale, he sounded pretty good. It definitely wasn’t as good as the other three songs from this week’s episode.

Hands down my favorite track this week was Dalton Academy’s version of Katy Perry’s huge hit, “Teenage Dream.” The song features lead vocals from Glee newcomer, Darren Criss (Blaine). This is a song that I wouldn’t expect to hear covered by a guy, but I thought Glee’s interpretation was wonderful.

The arrangement for this song is great. Replacing instruments with harmonizing does not go unnoticed. The harmonizing is a huge part about what makes Glee’s take on “Teenage Dream” so successful.

I really enjoy Criss’ voice. His voice is a great addition to the cast this season, and I hope that the audience gets to hear more from him.

Onto the mash ups! The Glee girls performed a mash up of the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” and Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer.”

Amber Riley (Mercedes) took the lead on “Start Me Up.” Her vocal provided a saucy and provocative interpretation of the song.

Lea Michele (Rachel) was the featured singer on “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Michele is able to adapt her voice nicely to the song. To really pull off that song’s chorus, you need a booming, powerful vocal. Michele pulled it off without a hitch.

Both of these songs made for quite the rockin’ mash up.

It also occurred to me while listening to this week’s music that last season on Glee, the guys incorporated a Bon Jovi song into their mash up. I wonder if it’s just pure coincidence, or luck in Bon Jovi’s case, that their new greatest hits album just happened to come out the same week one of their biggest hits was covered on Glee.  I thought that was interesting.

The Glee guys did a mash up of The Supremes “Stop! In The Name of Love” and EnVogue’s “Free Your Mind.”

Now, I really like both of the mash ups, but what gives the guys the edge for me is that almost every single one of them is featured as a lead vocal throughout their mash up. Also, these songs brought the best out of the guys (vocally speaking) and collectively they sounded great.

This mash up is definitely a fun listen. Who knew that two songs that are so different musically and lyrically could fit so well together?

I have to say that whoever is responsible for putting together the arrangements for this week’s crop of songs did an incredible job. Glee definitely had a good music week.

Glee airs Tuesday nights on FOX at 8 p.m.

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