Video: Sirk and The Dirty Minds Live at The Viper Room

This past weekend I was in LA with a group of friends, and Sunday night we checked out this ~new band, Sirk and The Dirty Minds. Okay, not that new of a band.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Kris Allen this past weekend, you know that he and his awesome band played a not-so-secret midnight show at The Viper Room on Sunday night.

Can we say kick awesome?

I’ve never been to The Viper Room before, and it was just amazing! I just love small venues like that, because the show is more intimate and personal.

I have to say that Kris and the guys were just on fire. The show was such a blast. My friends and I had the best time. Seriously, good times all around!

I did bring back presents to share with everyone! Check out videos below of Kris’s new untitled track that we’re calling, “Shut That Door & Keep That Devil Out” and “Leave Me Alone.” Enjoy!

I love the bluesy feel of “Shut That Door & Keep That Devil Out.” I really hope that Kris really embraces that sound on his next album, because he sounds great!

What do y’all think of the new songs?


Kris Allen on ‘Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd. Presents’

Over the weekend, Kris Allen appeared on Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Blvd. Presents, where he did a short interview, and they showed him performing “Live Like We’re Dying” with KAB.

Check it out!

Whoever edited this segment together seems to have an appreciation for Cale Mills and Andrew DeRoberts. Haha!

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Kris Allen Performs New Song “Leave You Alone”

Kris Allen is wrapping up his last night on tour with Lifehouse, and during his set tonight he played a new song called, “Leave You Alone.”

Check out the performance below!

What do y’all think? I like it a lot!

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Video: Kris Allen & Lifehouse Perform at the Masonic Center

Last night I attended Lifehouse’s “Smoke And Mirrors” tour with special guest, Kris Allen.  One of my favorite bands, one of my favorite Idols…as you can imagine, I had a pretty awesome time.

I brought back some video clips from the show to share!

The first two clips are from Kris’s set. I filmed part of the “Everybody Wants To Rule The World/The Way You Make Me Feel” mash-up . I also taped Andrew DeRobert’s guitar solo during “Is It Over.”


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