The X Factor Season 2 >> “It’s Britney, Bitch!”

Oh, baby, baby, season two of The X Factor kicked off last night, and I must say that I am looking forward the second night of this week’s premiere! Was the talent that good? Eh, not really, but Britney Spears is definitely entertaining as one of the show’s new judges. And Demi Lovato wasn’t too shabby, either. Plus, opening the show with those five cuties from overseas was a stroke of genius on Mr. Cowell’s part.

Let’s break down night one of The X Factor’s premiere, shall we?

The Judges

To be totally honest, I really miss Simon Cowell’s lack of filter on American Idol. His straightforward feedback is definitely something that has been missing during the past couple seasons. On The X Factor, he still dishes it out, but it also seems that he’s gotten a bit soft. There were definitely a couple times last night where I was surprised at the contestants he said yes to, because a lot of the singers were very mediocre, what he would have referred to as “karaoke” back in his Idol days. Granted, this is his show, and he’s going for big ratings, so I’m expecting more surprising contestant selections as the auditions continue.

I am surprised at how much I enjoyed Demi Lovato on the panel. I’m not a huge fan of her music, but there’s no denying that she hasn’t done well for herself. I found her to be very articulate and well-spoken, and I think she’ll be an excellent mentor to whatever group of contestants she’s assigned to.

I don’t know what to think about L.A. Reid. I feel like he’s a lot nicer than I remember him being last season, to the point where I thought he was just blowing smoke during some of critiques, especially when he told contestant Jillian Jensen,  “I have never heard anybody take their pain, take their experiences, and pour it into the song the way you did. That’s what this business is all about.”

Really? This from the same dude that’s worked with P!nk for years. Alrighty then.

And last, but certainly not least, Miss Britney Spears rocked it, y’all! She wasn’t afraid to keep it real and just be honest with the contestants. She’s Britney Spears; something tells me she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to being a pop superstar. I think she’s going to give that other pop princess on that other show a run for her money when it comes to mentoring and molding the next big thing. Seriously, I thought she did a great job. All I can say is, “Gimme, gimme more!”

The Dramz

I thought when it came to drama during its premiere, The X Factor brought it. From catty contestants like to backstage meltdowns, we got to see it all. I usually don’t care for behind-the-scenes action, because it means less time for singing, but to watch the contestants interact in between their auditions with one another is really interesting and also a little embarrassing. For instance, in the case of contestant Kaci Newton, she claimed that she could sing like Carrie Underwood/Adele and bashed contestants to her sister, and then went out on stage and botched a Katy Perry song. Gurl.

I also liked seeing the judges backstage interacting with one another. We got to see more personality from Britney and Demi. Plus, it’s always nice to hear more insight from the judges about how they think the auditions were going.

The Talent

Paige Thomas kicked off the night performing Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Goin’ Down.” I thought she had great stage presence and completely owned the stage. I thought her vocal performance was just okay, it got a wee bit pitchy in places, but overall, I think she deserved to move on to the next round.

I really enjoyed Emblem3 (Drew, Wes, and Keaton), who performed an original track called, “Sunset Boulevard.” They reminded me of like a modern day LFO, if you will. They had a great pop vibe to them, and I think if they can manage to put their spin on things during the competition, they’ll probably do fairly well.

My absolute favorite of the night was Jannel Garcia, who sang Grace Potter’s “Paris (Ooh La La).” This 18-year-old can sing, y’all. She has a great spirit to her, and in my opinion, was the best of the entire episode.

And of course, there were also some not so great singers. Unfortunately for Don Philip, who once upon a time recorded a duet with Britney Spears for her debut album, he had one of the more cringe-worthy auditions of the episode, with his performance of Beyonce’s “Halo.”

And for those who are curious, take a listen to Britney’s duet with Don from her debut album, “I Will Still Love You.”

Overall Impression

I think the second season of The X Factor is off to a pretty good start. I think the premiere was definitely entertaining, but the only thing kind of lacking is the talent. There was only one singer that was pretty legit last night, so in the talent aspect, I think right now that The Voice has a foot up on The X Factor, because they have very entertaining coaches and more importantly, they have very talented contestants. So, I hope that as the auditions episodes go on that we spot a contestant that has that $5 million talent!

So, that’s my two cents on The X Factor’s season two premiere. What did y’all think of last night’s show?


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One thought on “The X Factor Season 2 >> “It’s Britney, Bitch!””

  1. The cattiness of Kaci Newton immediately turned me off. Usually when a “singer” says that they sound like someone famous it’s a bad sign. I would definitely use a better choice of words. Her comments about Paige Thomas were awful and her sister’s claim that she looks better than her was totally uncalled for. To be honest, you can’t accurately compare the two. I’ve got my Hopper set to record the entire season because that talent that I did see on the show was fantastic. On another note, Simon does seem to have softened up a little but maybe that’s a result of his age. Maybe he’s trying a different angle or he’s letting Britney take the reins as meanest judge. My co-workers definitely think that she doesn’t really have a filter. I think it’s a good thing because this is a creative outlet for her and she gets to use what she’s learned over the years in her judging.

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