Glee Season 4 >> Full Performances From “The New Rachel” – “Americano” / “Dance Again” + “Call Me Maybe”

This Thursday, Glee returns for its highly anticipated fourth season with new episode, “The New Rachel.”

One of the new faces to grace season four is none other than actress Kate Hudson, who plays Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA, Cassandra July. Check out Kate performing “Americano”/”Dance Again” during her first number on Glee below!

Also making his return to Glee this season is The Glee Project’s Alex Newell as Wade Adams/Unique. Check out Alex, along with Darren Criss (Blaine), Heather Morris (Brittany), and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) performing the song of the summer, “Call Me Maybe” below!

If that’s not enough Glee goodness for you, check out a first look at season four below!

Get your Gleek on this Thursday at 8 p.m. on FOX!


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One thought on “Glee Season 4 >> Full Performances From “The New Rachel” – “Americano” / “Dance Again” + “Call Me Maybe””

  1. I’m really excited for this new season of Glee. Kate Hudson is one of my all-time favorite actresses and after watching the clips I know that this is a season I can’t miss. I’ve been watching the show on and off for the last three seasons but I think I might stick with this one. I’ve been catching up on the past for the last few weeks and season four promises to be very interesting. Dean is a real cutie so the motivation is there to keep watching. My co-workers are definitely Gleeks so I’ll get so see multiple perspectives on the show.

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