Throwback Thursday >> Patrick Stump – “This City”

First off, this post really isn’t about a throwback song, it’s more of a love note to my hometown of San Jose. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am a huge San Jose Sharks fan & last night the team defeated the St. Louis Blues in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals to move on to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in franchise history.   Continue reading Throwback Thursday >> Patrick Stump – “This City”

VIDEO: Patrick Stump Performs “This City” on The Tonight Show

Last night on The Tonight Show, Patrick Stump took the stage to perform his current single, “This City.”

Check it out!

All this performance did was make me want to see him in concert again…BADLY. Seriously y’all, one of the best live acts out there right now.

Pick up a copy of Patrick’s record, Soul Punk, if you haven’t already!


Music Review >> Patrick Stump – ‘Soul Punk’

Last month, Patrick Stump (formerly of pop-punk band Fall Out Boy) debuted Soul Punk, his first full-length solo endeavor. This record taps into a much funkier side of Stump than what fans are accustomed to hearing from the singer.

In an interview with Alternative Press, Stump was candid about the music he made with Fall Out Boy and other collaborators. “At no point in any of this has it been my thing,” he stated. “I’ve never had my thing. I wanted to do my thing, and I wanted to do it my way… I wanted to set the tone for the future. [Soul Punk is] kind of like a calling card.”

Take one listen to Soul Punk’s opening track, “Explode,” and you will at once realize that this is not the Stump we all knew from Fall Out Boy. Rather, he’s emerged here as a pop/R&B/hip-hop dynamo to reignite appreciation for the art of music.

Really putting a stamp on his identity as an artist, Stump wrote and produced the entire record. He also played every instrument, including drums, bass, guitar, analog synth, piano, percussion, trumpet, saxophone, and mandolin — just to name a few.

Channeling his musical influences throughout the record — among them Prince, David Bowie and, obviously, Michael Jackson — Stump successfully manages to cross multiple genres. There’s hip-hop, R&B, and a little bit of rock thrown in that creates a record that the singer described as “hopefully smart pop” to’s Red Room.

“I wrote a lot of songs that on the surface sound like they’re very vapid and, you know, silly songs,” he explained. “But then I subverted in them a lot of meanings and a lot of things. It’s a very political record, but I disguised them as drinking songs or sexy R&B songs.”

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