Ear Candy: Britney Spears — “Hold It Against Me”

Britney Spears is hitting the music scene again with her first single, “Hold It Against Me” off her seventh studio album slated to be released later this year.

With all the hype for Ms. Spears’ new album coming out this spring, I was expecting her first single to be the best we’ve ever heard from her. Frankly, it’s just not.

“Hold It Against Me,” which is the work of producers, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, is a definite club thumper. The beat immediately makes you want to get up and dance, but maybe not sing-a-long to.

The lyrics definitely leave much to be desired. They seem so amateur and ridiculous in comparison to lyrics from past lead singles. Britney songs aren’t literary masterpieces by any means, but usually they have some kind of substance to them. Also, during my initial listen of the song, I feel like the lyrics are too slow for the song during the verses.

The one part of the song that I did enjoy is the breakdown. The beats are fantastic. I hope that there will be some excellent choreography to be paired with it for the music video.

I really expected a lot more from Britney’s first single. This doesn’t scream to me that she’s back; It actually feels like she picked out a leftover song from 2007’s Blackout. As a longtime fan of Britney’s, “Hold It Against Me” is an absolute letdown.

Take a listen to “Hold It Against Me” below.

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