Music Video >> Jack and White – “Night After Night”

Jack and White’s latest EP, Winter, was released earlier this week. And in support of their latest endeavor, the duo debuted a new music video for one of the new tracks, “Night After Night.”

Check out the music video below!

Make sure to grab your copy of Jack and White’s Winter EP off of iTunes!


Jack and White Perform at Hotel Utah in San Francisco

Earlier this week, I went and checked out Jack and White  at Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

I have been a huge fan of Brooke White, since she appeared on that lil’ show on FOX. And after listening and reviewing Jack and White’s EP, Gemini, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them perform while they were in town.

In short; Jack and White are fantastic live! Take a listen to “Telephone Games” and “Double Trouble” below!

“Telephone Games”

“Double Trouble”

Thanks to Brooke & Jack for a great show last night!

Music Review >> Jack and White – ‘Gemini’ EP

In the vein of old school 1970s duo of Buckingham/Nicks and the more modern pairing of She and Him come the pairing of Brooke White and Jack Matranga as Jack and White.

Initially coming together to work on a song for White’s follow-up album to 2009’s High Hopes and Heartbreak, the pair found themselves hitting it off creatively from the start.

“When I sat down with Brooke, it was clear from the beginning that all we cared about was creating awesome music and nothing else,” Matranga said in a press release.

“Songwriting can be labor at times, but we were creating so quickly, because we didn’t need to force anything.”

Their co-write turned into six distinctive songs that make up their new release, Gemini.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Gemini.” What I appreciate about this song is that it’s pretty contemporary in comparison to the rest of the album. It’s a little bit different from what White’s fans are used to hearing from her and to be perfectly honest, that makes listening to Gemini exciting.

“Telephone Games” is a definite standout on the EP. The way White utilizes her voice while in her upper register really elevates the overall emotion to the song. The harmonies between White and Matranga on this track are simply fantastic. The contrast between their voices in higher and lower register create something special when combined.

Another standout track is “Smoke and Mirrors.” I like this track so much, because it has a bit of an attitude to it. There’s an assertiveness to how the notes are hit in the chorus, which really drives home the overall message of the song of knowing when somebody is not what they’re claiming to be.

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Brooke White and Randy Jackson Discuss Their Upcoming TV Movie, ‘Change of Plans’

You probably best remember Brooke White as the lovable and talented folk-pop singer-songwriter from American Idol season seven, winning you over every week with performances like “Let It Be” and “You’ve Got a Friend.” White is making her acting debut in the movie Change of Plans, which is apart of FOX’s Family Movie Night, airing this Saturday at 8 p.m.

White plays Sally Danville, a singer-songwriter married to fighter-pilot, Jason (Joe Flanigan). She learns that her best friend from college died while serving in the Peace Corps; on top of that, Sally also learns that she has been named the legal guardian of her friend’s four kids, three of whom were adopted from third-world countries. Sally and Jason have to adapt quickly into parenting, learning how a change of plans sometimes becomes something better than they could have imagined for their lives.

Earlier this week during a conference call, White and the movie’s soundtrack producer, American Idol judge Randy Jackson, discussed  Change of Plans, the lack of hit songs coming from the Idol winners and former contestants, and what’s in store for the tenth season of American Idol.

White explained that she had not set out to do any acting in her post-Idol career, and the opportunity for the movie came out of nowhere. She said that she was “shipped off to Toronto” for filming within a couple days after being cast in Change of Plans. She was initially nervous on set, but was soon bit by the acting bug. The hardest part of her new gig? The wake-up calls.

“What can I say was the hardest part about acting? Probably my 4:30 a.m. pick up every day. That was probably the hardest part. I have to say, there were certain technical aspects I wasn’t super savvy to, but other than that it felt super natural just to get in,” she said.

“I think I was concerned [about memorizing lines]. I’ve been known to forget lyrics here or there. I was worried I would forget a line or two. But really, it wasn’t a big deal, you get in there, memorizing the dialogue isn’t a big deal when you get there. I thought it was more fun, than hard.”

White mentioned that she had just watched Change of Plans a couple days ago, and experienced what she called the “answering machine syndrome,” while listening to herself talk during the movie.

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