Live Blog >> ‘The Voice’ Season 3 Finale!

Time to find out this season’s winner of The Voice!

– Carson Daly said they had the highest number of votes in Voice history!

– Rihanna is up performing “Diamonds.”

– Love Adam’s bow tie!

– Happy Birthday, Christina!

– Terry McDermott is up performing “Rock N’ Roll All Nite” by KISS with Rudy, Amanda, Bryan, and Michaela!

– They all sound so great!

– Terry made excellent choices on which singers to bring back for this performance!

– Nicholas David is performing “Cruisin'” with Smokey Robinson!

– The Killers are up performing “Here With Me” with Cassadee Pope.

– Oooh, I like this song.

– Cassadee didn’t sound too shabby!

– Diego, Mackenzie, Julio, Dez, and Cody are performing “Stacy’s Mom”!

– This is sooo good. Goodness.

– So far, this is my favorite performance of the night!

– This piece on Blake being a flirt is HILARIOUS.

– Kelly Clarkson is up performing “Catch My Breath” with Team Blake!

– The glory note…get it, Queen Kelly!

– Cassadee Pope is bringing back Melanie, Liz, and De’Borah for a performance of Imagine Dargons’ “It’s Time.”

– I actually really like this. All of the girls sound stunning.

– Dang, De’Borah totally should have gone past the first live show. The girl has some pipes.

– Terry is performing “Baby, I Love Your Way” with Peter Frampton! Holy crizzzap!

– Loved that!

– Adriana, Loren, Sylvia, Devyn, and Jocelyn are performing “Best of My Love.”

– They sound pretty fantastic. Still kills me that Loren was eliminated so early.

– The finalists were just told they’re getting new cars! Fun!

– Bruno Mars is performing “When I Was Your Man”!

– Great song!

– Nicholas brought back Trevin, Dez, and Amanda to perform Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road”!

– Lawd, I love this song.

– Aw, that was good!

– Cassadee is performing “I’m With You” with Avril Lavigne! This is legit turning into an episode of TRL.

– The coaches are performing Green Day’s “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”.

– No, I’m not crying. It’s just raining on my face.


– Nicholas David has come in third, it’s down to Team Blake!

Congrats to Cassadee Pope!


That’s a wrap! Check out a promo from season 4!


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