Not So Live Blog >> ‘The Voice’ Final 3!

I went to get my hockey fix tonight, so I had to delay getting a post on The Voice up on the blog.

But here we go!

The show opens with a performance of “Hallelujah” from the coaches and their teams. They are each holding a name of a victim from the shooting in CT. Even Carson Daly and Christina Millian are on stage.

This was the absolute best way to open the show. And I’m totally crying.

Just beautiful.

Team Cee Lo’s Nicholas David is up first!

– His first song of the night is “Great Balls of Fire.”

– His piano is on fire.

– It’s nice to hear a big number like this from him.

– Whoa, the song is mashed up with Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire”!

– Pretty rad!

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “I’m so happy that you took this moment to entertain this crowd and have a good time.”

Blake: “It was just fun!”

Cee Lo: “Your fire tonight burned this house down.”

Cassadee Pope

– She has chosen to reprise “Over You.”

– She sounds alright. I prefer her first performance to this one. It seemed to be a lot more emotional.

– Wow, nice drawn out note at the end of the performance.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: “You nailed that song once again. You give it such heart, your voice can completely sing anything. The sky’s the limit for you.” Gurl. Do you hear the words coming out of your mouth? You’re Christina Aguilera. But, I get it.  Girl power.

Adam: “As an instrument, you’ve developed your voice so much. I mean, it so finely tuned and so strong. You have so much to be proud of.”

Blake: “It was just a great moment. Gosh dangit, Cassadee. You amaze me, you really do.”

Terry McDermott

– Aww, Blake surprised Terry with his dad, who he hasn’t seen in years.

– Terry and Blake take on Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady.”

– Oooh, Terry sounds amazing!!

– I like Blake on this, as well!



– That was awesome!

“Terry McDermott and Blake Shelton! And shirtless Adam Levine, everybody!” – Carson

Nicholas David

– He has chosen to reprise “Lean On Me.”

– Pretty flawless vocal.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “That version of that song is killer.”

Terry McDermott

– He will be singing “Broken Wings.” He says it’s his son’s favorite song.

– He sounds like he’s straining his voice at times, but overall, I really like this performance.

– Nice big power note about mid-way through.

– The performance ended with another great big note and a confetti shower. Foreshadowing?

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “You friggin’ nailed it.”

Blake: “You make these classic rock songs sound new again.”

Cassadee Pope

– Cassadee and Blake are performing “Steve McQueen” by Sheryl Crow.

– Can’t even front, Cassadee & Blake sound really good on this song together.

– This is the type of music Cassadee needs to be making.

Terry McDermott

– Terry has chosen to reprise “I Wanna Know What Love Is.”

– This was not one of my favorite performances of his this season. I think he should have gone with his audition song, “Baba O’Riley.”

– He sounds pretty good during the verses, but when he goes up into his upper register, something about it gets a little grating.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: Compliments him on his work ethic.

Blake: “This was your breakout song, because you sang it with such passion. You absolutely drive me crazy, because you blow me away. I am so honored to be associated with you, I really am.”

Nicholas David

– Nicholas and Cee Lo are performing “Play That Funky Music.”

– They sound pretty stellar together!

– OMG, there’s a mini dancing Cee Lo!

Cassadee Pope

– Cassadee is closing out the show with Faith Hill’s “Cry.”

– I really liked the verses, the chorus is a wee bit shouty.

– Very nice drawn out note towards the end.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “You accomplished everything that I was hoping you would accomplish. I am so proud of you and so happy that you are here in this moment. You did an amazing job.”

Blake: “I’ve never heard you sing as good as you did tonight. Congratulations.”

And there we have it!

I thought all three of the artists had a solid night. I would have changed Cassadee and Terry’s songs they chose to reprise, but other than that, I think each one of them is deserving of the win. It’s truly anyone’s game.

That said, who are y’all hoping is named as the season three winner The Voice tomorrow night?


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