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Tomorrow night The Voice’s Top 12 will hit the stage to perform for America’s votes. This past week, America saved two singers and the coaches each got to save one of their players. As the show moves forward, it’s up to America to keep their favorite in the competition.

So, who made it to the Top 12 in season three of The Voice? Meet the teams below!

Team Xtina

Dez Duron

Dez was back for redemption this season after not making it past the blind auditions during season two. I think that Dez had made solid song choices that have been showing his versatility as an artist. I think fans have been sold on that, and it probably doesn’t hurt that he’s quite the cutie pie.

Sylvia Yacoub

Sylvia has been just slaying her way through the competition, so far. I think it’s huge that America voted her through to the Top 12. I think she’s going to be an artist that’s going to do well this season. And who knows, maybe she’ll pull out the win for Team Xtina.

Adriana Louise

Another fantastic big voice on Team Xtina. I think for Adriana, and the same goes for Sylvia, since they are similar artists, they are going to need to pick songs that sets themselves apart in the competition and that show their individuality.

Team Cee Lo

Cody Belew

I think Cody has had a strong showing this season, and I was beyond relieved when Cee Lo saved him to move on to the Top 12. Cody’s has a great tone to his voice, and he’s one of the singers that I always want to see to see what he’s going to perform next. Definitely looking forward to his performance this week.

Nicholas David

I really like Nicholas David’s voice. I’m such a such a fan of soul music, so I love the vibe he brings to this show. I really hope he continues to bring his own flavor to his performances throughout the competition.

Trevin Hunte

There’s no denying that this kid is a force in the competition. And if I *had* to call who’s going to be in the final two right now, I think that we are going to see battle round 2.0 between Trevin and Amanda Brown.

Team Blake

Michaela Paige

What I dig about Michaela is that she knows who she is as an artist and performer. Also, she’s shown that she can rock older songs as well as being able to hang with songs that are on today’s Top 40. She’s a strong singer, I hope America recognizes that this week.

Cassadee Pope

To be honest, I feel like Cassadee is in what should have been Suzanna Choffel’s spot on Team Blake. I would have put Suzanna through during the knockout round, just based on knowing what she’s capable of. But Blake obviously sees something in Cassadee, so I hope she does well this week.

Terry McDermott

I looooooooove Terry’s voice. Man, Blake got himself a legit rocker this season and I think that it’s going to pay off in dividends for him. Can’t wait to see Terry’s performance this week.

Team Adam

Melanie Martinez

The young singer with the unique quality to her voice has definitely seem to have made an impression on her coach, as she was saved by Adam to make the Top 12. I think for Melanie to get the votes she needs to move on in the competition, she needs to find that magic that captured America’s attention and work it to her best ability.

Bryan Keith

Bryan has been a favorite of mine since his blind audition. His style of singing is right up my alley. So far, I think he’s made smart song choices, and I think he’s going to do fairly well this season. Also, I took a listen to his studio version of “Iris,” and he sounds amazing. He’s already an artist who I want a record from.

Amanda Brown

Since her battle/knockout round, I have basically thrown all my eggs in Team Amanda’s basket. This girl can sing. She’s shown her versatility as artist in each of her performances. And she absolutely slayed last week. I expect big things from this girl, including a second win for Team Adam. And if YouTube hits mean anything, I would say being the only contestant with over one million hits is pretty legit.

Big round of applause for The Voice’s Top 12 contestants for season three! Remember to vote for your favorite, as they are performing for their individual spot on the show each week and there are no more saves from the coaches!

So, who are y’all rooting for this season?

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