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It’s down to Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, and Joshua Ledet! Who’s the next American Idol?

Top 3 week is quite possibly my favorite week of American Idol, aside from the actual finale. Why? I love me some hometown visits! I love seeing the contestants being celebrated by their town and loved ones, plus their reactions are always so priceless. I appreciate a good lovefest, what can I say?

Tonight the final three contestants – Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, and Joshua Ledet – will be singing three songs each. One song of the judges’ choosing, one song picked by in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine, and an individual selection.

Joshua Ledet – “I’d Rather Go Blind” – Etta James (Randy Jackson’s pick)

– Love this song, but it’s really old fashioned.

– I like hearing Joshua’s lower range – very nice!

– Those “baby, baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh’s” were legit. \

Steven Tyler said Joshua had a moment.

JLo:  “You brought down the house again.”

Randy: “Another amazing performance.”

Kirsten: Pretty fantastic! Showed great vocal range & control.

Jessica Sanchez – “My All” – Mariah Carey (Jennifer Lopez’s pick)

Has anyone done a Mariah Carey song since season seven’s Mariah Carey week?

– I feel like she’s in pain while she’s singing this. Like, she totally doesn’t look comfortable.

– Can’t even front, I’m happy that it’s over, cause she was making me anxious for her.

Randy: “Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely the right song for you.” Okay.

JLo: “You did it so beautifully, you did it in your own way.”

Steven: “When you sing, you make people hang on your every note.”

Kirsten: She seemed uncomfortable throughout the entire performance. Not my favorite performance from her.

Phillip Phillips – “Beggin'” – The Four Seasons/Madcon (Steven Tyler’s pick)

I’m having season eight tour flashbacks…I love this song.

– That opening note was pretty fantastic.

– I like to see Phillip actually look like he’s enjoying himself during his performances, and he looks like he’s having fun.

JLo: “You catch a groove in a song that is all yours and you just ride it all the way home.”

Steven: “So beautiful to watch you unfold.” “You could be a new age Springsteen.”

Randy: “We were just at the Phil (Phil, really?) Phillips’ concert, y’all.”

Kirsten: Get it, Phillip! Loved the whole vibe of his performance.

Randy gives Joshua a slight edge in round one. Jennifer gives round one to Phillip. Steven is on the fence.

Time for the contestant’s song choices!

Joshua Ledet – “Imagine” – John Lennon

– The footage of Joshua on the plane to Westlake, LA is so cute!

– “They are really acting like I’m Barack Obama.” LOL!

– I love hometown footage! Gaaaah :’)

– I’m pretty iffy about this song choice, since David Archuleta slayed this back in 2008, but I have high hopes!

– This is a pretty tame performance from Joshua. Way to show restraint.

– Very nice closing note.

Steven: “Another ‘Thank you, God!’ moment from you.”

JLo: “The way you’re willing to dig deep in the words and the meaning makes you very special.”

Randy: “Every time you sing, people feel what you do.”

Kirsten: Loved it! I like that he went with a song that moved him & that he embraced that emotion in his performance.

Jessica Sanchez – “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” – Aerosmith

– Jessica got to ride in a helicopter back to her hometown of Chula Vista, CA.

– Tells her family members she’s going to try and win it for them. :’)

– The crowd during her parade is insane.

– Her song pick tonight is ballsy, I’ll give her that.

– I’m surprised that she didn’t go uptempo for her pick.

Steven loved her rendition.

JLo liked the final note.

Randy: “This girl is bold!”

Kirsten: It was alright. The chord change threw me a bit. And unlike JLo, I didn’t care for the last note. She was straining.

Phillip Phillips – “Disease” – Matchbox Twenty  

– “I’m so excited. I’m getting butterflies. I don’t know what to expect.” D’awww!

– Wow, Leesburg, GA loves their boy!

– Went back to his family’s pawn shop. P2 Sr. is getting all choked up. :’)

– The crowd for P2 is pretty overwhelming.

– Great song pick! And of course, there’s that saxophone he loves to utilize.

– I like this stripped down version, which I fully expected, but a full electric performance would have been kind of awesome.

JLo: “I didn’t feel like it was the wow performance.”

Steven: “It wasn’t over the top, but it was Phillip Phillips, man.”

Randy: “Subdued moment for you. Wanted a bigger look from you.”

Kirsten: I thought it was a great song pick, a little underwhelming, but I still thought it was a solid performance.  I would say that he picked the best song for himself out of the three contestants.

Time to see what Jimmy Iovine picked for the contestants!

Joshua Ledet – “No More Drama” – Mary J. Blige

– Hmm, I don’t know if I love this song pick for him.

– There goes the jacket!

– It’s got a little frantic for a moment.

– The closing notes were nice.

Randy: “You’ve laid everything on this stage that there is to lay.” Uh.

JLo: Mentions of spontaneity and craziness. She was excited about the performance.

Steven: “It was beautiful.”

Kirsten: At moments, it felt a little all over the place. I think his passion got the best of him and he lost control of his pitch.

Jessica Sanchez – “I’ll Be There” – Jackson 5

– She needed a moment tonight. This song is kind of a disservice to her.

– Solid vocal, probably her best performance of the night.

Steven: “Perfect song. Perfect voice. You nailed it.”

JLo: “That was a perfect song choice from Jimmy.”

Randy: “I liked it okay, I didn’t love it, for me.”

Kirsten: Randy said it best, “There was never a MOMENT, moment.” And holy crap, someone get Steven and Jennifer a thesaurus.

Phillip Phillips – “We’ve Got Tonight” – Bob Seger

– Phillip is showcasing some nice range.

– This is his most subdued performance of the night, but the subtlety was so on point. He sounded great.

Randy: “Best performance on the show ever!”

JLo: “It was really, really sweet.”

Steven: “You just showed that you’ve got all that passion wrapped up inside of you.”

Kirsten: Easily the performance of the night. P2 needed to have a great night & he did!

Final Two Prediction: Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet will be headed to the finale!

What did y’all think about tonight’s performances? What is your Final Two prediction?


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