The Voice >> Season Two Premiere Continues – Live Blog!

Check out the live blog for my commentary on night two of The Voice’s blind auditions!

The Voice  Season Two – Blind Auditions Live Blog!

– The coaches are kicking off tonight’s show with a Prince medley.

– I’m still amazed that the coaches’ voices work well together…

– Adam sounds the best, to be honest…he’s got that higher range on lock!

– Countrified version of “Kiss”…not too shabby!

Haley & Leland – The Line

– Singing “American Girl” by Tom Petty.

– Blake is the first to turn around.

– Leland has a great tone to his voice.

– Haley sounds a bit nervous.

– Cee Lo, Adam & Xtina turn around as well!

– They go with Christina! I’m a little shocked! Okay, a lotta shocked. I pegged them to go with Blake.

Jamar Rogers, 29, New York

– AKA: Danny Gokey’s BFF, who was on Idol season 8

– Carson Daly hand delivers him his invitation to The Voice.

– Singing “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes

– Has a nice growl and rasp to his voice.

– Cee Lo (his idol!) is the first to turn around!

– He’s on Team Cee Lo!

Neal Middleton, 33, Utah

– Singing “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”

– Rockin’, revved up rendition…

– Coaches are commenting to each other that he has a good voice, but no one’s turning around…

– None of the coaches turn around.

– Christina wanted more range, Adam wants more of a unique voice.

– Another guy they didn’t pick sounded freakishly the same as Gavin DeGraw. Trippy!

Gwen Sebastian, 37, North Dakota

– Singing “Stay”

– She has a super unique voice, with a little bit of twang tossed in.

– Blake is the first to turn around, followed by Cee Lo!

– Last minute turnaround from Adam!

– Gwen is on Team Blake!

Pamela Rose, 27, Florida

– Singing “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

– I have a strong belief that the only person that should sing Kelly Clarkson songs is Kelly Clarkson.

– This is a little bit of a hot mess.

– Adam says there were pitch issues, but she’s beautiful, “congrats on that.” LOL, Adam.

Kim Yarbrough, 50, L.A.

– Singing “Tell Me Something Good” – I love this song!

– Kim sounds amazing!

– Adam turns around first!

– Xtina follows!

– Blake weighs the odds…”Adam won this thing last year, Christina didn’t.” LOL

-Kim is on Team Adam!

Angie Johnson, 31, Missouri

– She’s in the Military!

– Carson saw her initially on YouTube!

– Singing “Heartbreaker”!

– Cee Lo turns around!

– “I’m the only one that picked her, she belongs to me!”

Dez Duron, 21, Louisiana

– Yale football player, gave it up to pursue music.

– He’s singing “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

– I would never recommend that someone sings a song that has a 5-part harmony.

– He’s got a good pop tone, though.

– None of the coaches turn around.

Lindsey Pavao, 22, Sacramento

– Singing “Say Ah” by Trey Songz.

– She sounds like a more confident Xenia.

– Xtina turns around first!

– Cee Lo & Blake turn around.

– Cee Lo says that her performance is the best thing to happen to the second season!

– Lindsey is on Team Xtina!

Hoja Lopez

– Singing “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry.

– I liked her voice, apparently the coaches didn’t as they didn’t turn around.

– Adam noted that she sounded nervous and he’s looking for confidence.

Jermaine Paul, 33, New York

– Has sang back-up for Alicia Keys.

– He’s looking forward to stepping into the spotlight.

– Singing “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne.

– Hmm…I’m not crazy about his voice on this song.

– Cee Lo turned around!

– Blake turned around!

– Playful banter between Blake & Adam…bromancin’ it up!

– Jermaine is on Team Blake! Whoa!

Angel Taylor, 23

– I’ve seen her live twice. I really like her voice.

– Singing “Someone Like You” by Adele.

– Adam turns around first!

– Blake turns around during the chorus!

– Cee Lo turns around towards the end!

– Blake & Adam are spatting!

– “I did, I did do well last year…” – Adam

– Angel is on Team Adam!

I thought tonight’s blind auditions were pretty good. What did y’all think?


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