The Voice >> Season Two Starts Tonight! Are You Ready? – Live Blog!

Check out Wait…WHAT?’s live blog of the season two premiere of The Voice!

The Voice makes its triumphant return tonight, and I am beyond stoked! I appreciate that this show focuses on showcasing real deal talent and that the judges make their decision based on solely on a person’s voice and nothing else. Although, the fact that I adore every single one of the coaches on the panel doesn’t hurt either!

Anyhoo, I will be back when the show starts up tonight to recap tonight’s auditions! Until then, check out a preview of what to expect during this second season of The Voice!

(No your eyes didn’t deceive you, that’s the very talented Tony Lucca (otherwise known as my MMC crush) singing his heart out. And yes, he’s amazing.)

The Voice is on after the Super Bowl! Watch for my tweets!

Catch y’all in a bit!

The Voice  Season Two – Blind Auditions Live Blog!

Raelynn, 17, Texas

– Adam Levine turns his chair around first.

– Blake Shelton turned around second.

– Nice voice, kind of gravely, definitely a twangy, country girl!

– Adam & Blake toss insults at one another, Raelynn goes with Blake.

Jesse Campbell, 41, Chicago

– Jesse’s been highlighted in online promos for season two.

– Cee Lo turned around first, Xtina second, Adam third, and Blake last.

– Singing “A Song For You”…I love Christina’s rendition of this song…

– Christina gives her pitch, Blake calls, “Bull crap!”

– Jesse goes with Team Christina!

Daniel Rosa, 20, Riverside, CA

– He’s rockin’ Tyler Robinson’s cardigan/bow-tie style!

– Singin’ Neon Trees’ “Animal”

– I love his voice!

– Turn around coaches!!!!

– Ugh, just saw Blake shake his head. :\

– Coaches say he needs to work on his pitch and vocal control.

Juliet Simms, 24, Clearwater, FL

– Singing “Oh! Darling”

– Nice growl, has some soul!

– Cee Lo turns around first, Adam second, Xtina third.

– “Hi, my name is Adam and I’m going to sell you a car right now.” – Xtina

– If selling a car means winning The Voice, then I sell cars.” – Adam

– Okay Xtina, shush.

– Juliet goes with Cee Lo.

Chris Mann, 29, Wichita, KS

– A Warbler!!!

– His voice is pretty insane.

– Cee Lo turns arounds, as does Xtina!

– Xtina calls him “phenomenal.”

– Cee Lo calls his voice “exceptionally beautiful.”

– Chris goes with Team Xtina!

Tony Lucca, 36, Waterford, MI

– FYI: He was on MMC with Christina!

– Singing “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne


– Adam is the first to turn around!

– Xtina turns around, then Blake!

– Adam hit Cee Lo’s button for him!

– WOOOOO TEAM ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Xtina goes backstage to say hi to Tony…d’awwwww!

That wraps up tonight’s live blog! Who was your fave tonight?


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