FLASHBACK: November 18, 2008 – David Cook’s Debut Album is Released

Alright Cook fans, do you remember where you were on November 18, 2008?

I do; I was on my computer at midnight downloading David Cook’s self-titled major label debut off of Amazon.com. And I’m going to assume that I wasn’t the only one.

The next morning before heading out to buy physical copies of the record, I sat down and wrote a blog post, which you can find HERE.

Last month during an interview I conducted for Blogcritics, I asked David about how his debut record resonates with him now – three years later. Check out what he said below!

I say this, and it’s not to discredit that record or anything like that, but it really feels like every other record that I’ve done up to this point. I go back and I listen to it, and it seems like a very accurate, very honest, I guess, self-portrait at that time. You know, I hear a lot of energy, a lot of spastic energy on that record.

I think coming off of Idol, finally after 10 years of toiling in clubs, and bars, and coffee houses, and stuff like that, I’m finally at this spot. There’s a great vibe to that record. I’m really proud of what that record did. I’m glad I got to make it. With this record, the new one, I think there was just a bit more of a concise focus. I think I was able to put blinders on a little bit with this new record and focus on a singular idea.

And now Cook fans, I turn to you. Being that it’s been three years exactly; how does David’s self-titled debut record resonate with you now? And which song off the record has remained your favorite? (My fave is “A Daily AntheM.”)

Hit me up in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: November 18, 2008 – David Cook’s Debut Album is Released”

  1. At around midnight I was camping out in Time Square to buy my copy when the store (Virgin Records, NYC) opened and getting a wrist band to see David perform for the first time with his new band that night (November 18th). Since then I wore out that record, love the new record (This Loud Morning) even more. It’s more Alternative Rock, and I’ve seen David’s shows 10 times. Guess you could say I’m a fan. Although, I must admit I did start questioning my sanity when it started snowing on us at around 5am. But David sent us donuts at 7am. lol

  2. On the day it was released ,after office work I immediately go to the record bar and bought it! And when I got home, the first thing I did was to take a picture of it (with me, of course)! My fave is Avalanche and I was so lucky enough that the (then) EEB signed the cd (except David,boo)
    3 yrs have passed,by I keep on playing the cd (with the entire Axium/AH album)
    Love it to pieces!!!

  3. I forgot to say what my favorite song was off of DCTR. I have two favorites. A Daily Anthem and Barbasol.

  4. I love the self-titled album and all of the songs on it, but A Daily AntheM remains my favorite of all of David Cook’s songs from both pre- and post-Idol.

    I do understand how David feels about each album being a reflection of himself “at that time”. We all grow and change. He is not the same person that he was when he wrote the songs on Analog Heart, or when he wrote the songs for the self-titled album. He puts so much of himself into his music and that is why when he sings he is able to convey to us the emotion of the songs. His music is very honest, and I think that is why I like him and his music so very much.

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