MUSIC VIDEO: Tim Halperin – “The Last Song – Acoustic Sessions”

Over the weekend, Tim Halperin revealed that he would be releasing four new music videos to coincide with the tracks on his Acoustic Sessions EP.

Tim talked with me a few months back about how he went about choosing which songs to highlight on this particular EP.

“We had a cellist for the acoustic sessions, so we thought about the songs that might go well with a cello. Definitely “Where I’m Going,” “Memories on the Ground,” and “The Last Song,” of course were the ones that would be best for that. The ones on the EP are more of the slower tracks that are going to be on the full-length CD. A lot of the ones that you haven’t heard yet are songs that are more pop, even more OneRepublic style, that kind of stuff. I think it turned out really cool.”

The music video for “The Last Song” is the first of the four videos to be unveiled. The track was produced by Jordan Critz. The video was shot and edited by Chris Wiegand.

Check out the new acoustic live performance music video for “The Last Song” below!

Tim Halperin’s Acoustic Sessions EP is available now on iTunes and!

For more information on Tim Halperin, check out his official website.


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2 thoughts on “MUSIC VIDEO: Tim Halperin – “The Last Song – Acoustic Sessions””

    1. I completely agree. Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to enjoy a song more than I already do! The whole EP is fantastic!

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