LIVE BLOG: The X Factor – “Auditions #1”

Alright y’all, I’m going to attempt to live blog the West Coast viewing of The X Factor

Not gonna front, I am stoked to see Simon Cowell back on TV.

JUDGES: Simon Cowell, That Pussycat Doll, Paula Abdul, and L.A. Reid

HOST: Not Ryan Seacrest

And in case you aren’t aware what the winner gets…$5 million recording contract with Sony Music.

Contestants will be split into categories…guys, girls, 30-somethings, and groups.

Los Angeles Auditions

First up, Rachel Crow, 13, “Mercy” – Duffy

– Very determined little girl

– Would use the money to buy a new house for her family

– Good voice for her age…judges seem to adore her, she’s moving onto the boot camp round.

Terrell Carter, 36, “Ribbon in the Sky” – Stevie Wonder

– Average R&B voice

– Put through to the next round

John Lindahl, “Forget You” – Cee Lo

– Boyband-esque

– Put through to the next round

Siameze, 30

– Would invest the $5 million into his career

-He’s river dancing…and pulling off some very impressive cheerleading jumps

– All the judges basically say he’s a Prince rip-off, yet put him through to the next round.


Son, I am disappoint.

I don’t know y’all… I’m not too impressed so far, but there’s 90 minutes left. Hopefully there’s a fantastic audition coming up.

Oooh, just saw a clip of the Backstreet Boys, things are looking up already.

Dan & Venita, 70 & 83, “Unchained Melody” – The Righteous Brothers

– Little pitchy, dawg.

– Bless them; they’re adorable, but no.

I love that Cheryl just set a contestant straight, and told her she had a bad attitude. Something tells me that The X Factor’s biggest downfall is going to be replacing her with the Pussycat Doll.

– The winner of The X Factor will star in their own Pepsi commercial to air during the Super Bowl.

Simone Battle, 21, “When I Grow Up” – The Pussycat Dolls

– The look on her face when Simon cut her off…LOL

– I kinda like her voice. She’s definitely got the pop vibe going on.

– L.A. Reid says he was “completely underwhelmed.”

-This girl has the confidence & knows how to work the room. Definitely has the potential to do well.

– Simone was sent to the next round.

– The feud between Simon Cowell & L.A. Reid is highlighted…I kind of love it. Ooooh….FIGHT!

Stacey Francis, 42, “Natural Woman” – Aretha Franklin

– From Brooklyn, NY.

– “I don’t wanna die with this music in me, Simon.”

– Okay, she just made me cry. :’)

– She has some crazy range, that with some training, she could really work it out.

– She’s headed to the next round!

Seattle Auditions

Geo Godley

– …I can’t

Marcus Canty, 20, “I Wish” – Stevie Wonder

– Definitely has some flavor to him.

– Great stage presence!

– Had Paula & Nicole out of their seats!

– L.A. Reid compares him to Bobby Brown.

– Simon calls him “one to watch”!

– He’s through to the next round!

The Anser, “Rolling in the Deep” – Adele

– Known each other for awhile.

– Not loving the song choice, but they are pretty cute.

– Mashed up with Britney Spears “Till The World Ends.” (Woo mash-ups!)

– Decent harmonies; they need some work.

– Headed to the next round.

TAKE NOTE: I cannot stand that they spell “Answer” as “Anser.” Not cute.

Nici Collins, 23, “Emotions” – Mariah Carey

– …ummmm

-Snaps for the song choice? I love me some old school Mariah.

Darren Michael, 40, “Like A Virgin” – Madonna

– “It’s like I’m living in some sort of nightmare here.” – Simon

Chris Rene, 28, “Young Homie” – an original

– Bay Area contestant…HOLLA! He’s from Santa Cruz!

– Just out of rehab.

– Not bad…kind of reminds me of Rich Cronin.

– I was diggin’ his performance, not even gonna front.

“Favorite part when I sit in this chair, and I meet a star for the first time.” – Simon // D’awwww!

Overall thoughts…I need to see more legitimate talent. But, I love seeing Simon back on TV. In the words of *NSYNC, “You make my heart sing!”

If you tuned into The X Factor tonight, what did you think?

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4 thoughts on “LIVE BLOG: The X Factor – “Auditions #1””


  2. I agree that what X-Factor showed of him (tiny snippet of the song) wasn’t the most impressive sample of his talent, but it still wasn’t average. Either way as you said….your opinion.

  3. I love this show! The X factor is one of the most exciting reality show this year. The contestants are so amazing. I’m a big fan of this show!

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