Recap: Alice 97.3’s Summerthing 2011 at Golden Gate Park

Summer officially kicked off in San Francisco yesterday out at Golden Gate Park ith Alice 97.3’s biggest music party, Summerthing 2011. It was my third time attending, and my third time enjoying some fun in the sun and great music.

Once again, the line-up for Summerthing was insanely awesome. It included newcomer, Andrew Allen, Parachute, Michelle Branch, Matt Nathanson, and OneRepublic. By the way, did I mention that this was a free show?

 The very personable Andrew Allen kicked off the afternoon with a short set that included his single, “Loving You Tonight” and a cover of Sumblime’s “What I Got.”

This dude has a bit of swagger to his stage presence. His overall vibe kind of reminds me of fresher Jason Mraz. I would love to hear how he sounds with a full band backing him. I am definitely planning on checking out his album.

Check out his performance of “Loving You Tonight” below!

More Summerthing 2011 goodness after the cut!  

Parachute was up next, and I know I am slightly out of touch with what’s on the radio today, when I have no clue about what they play. I asked my friend as they were getting on stage what they played, and the teenage girls in front of me turned around and looked at me as if I was an alien from a different planet. My bad, y’all.

 I wasn’t particularly blown away by their set, but I did appreciate their use of the saxophone. That was rad. 

 Up next was someone whose music was part of the soundtrack to my college years, Michelle Branch.

 First off, she looks fantastic. And no surprise, she sounded just amazing. I think she was the only act of the afternoon that the crowd sang-a-long to every one of her songs. She sang every single one of her hits, including her new single, “Loud Music.” You can check out that performance below.

 Following Michelle’s set was San Francisco native, Matt Nathanson. I was actually looking forward to his set the most yesterday afternoon, and he didn’t disappoint in the least! I loved getting to hear new material off his brand new album, Modern Love. (Check out my review here!) My favorites during his set included, “Modern Love,” “Mercy,” and a rousing cover of Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.”

 What I really like about Matt’s performances is that he just genuinely seems thrilled to be doing what he’s doing, and loves getting the crowd involved during his set. A sing-a-long to Cee-Lo’s “F*ck You” is evidence of this. It was the most hysterical thing ever.

 Check out Matt performing “Modern Love” and “Come On Get Higher” aka a song about the best Scrabble game ever.

The final act of the day was OneRepublic. And I have to say, I’m not one to like sit down and listen to their music on a regular basis, but I do quite enjoy their live show. Ryan Tedder kind of bounces all over the stage, and frankly that’s pretty entertaining. I also think he’s an excellent front man. He really commands the stage and gets the audience involved. Their set was good times.

Check out OneRepublic performing “Stop And Stare” and their mash-up medley of “Stand By Me”/”Seven Nation Army”/”SexyBack”!

 Overall, I had a wonderful time at Summerthing yesterday. Live music is such a wonderful thing. Enjoy the videos!

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2 thoughts on “Recap: Alice 97.3’s Summerthing 2011 at Golden Gate Park”

  1. I enjoyed this review. And I completely agreed with it 100%.

    I have never heard of Andrew Allen before Summerthing, and I fell in love with him and proceeded to buy his EP.

    Parachute, as a teenage girl myself, I would have done the same thing as those other girls did, but I’m just a fan, not a huge obsessive fan of theirs that talk about the lead singer’s abs(I totally overheard on convo on them). Their set wasnt as good as I think it should have been.

    Michelle Branch was lovely :) I was off at the merch booth trying to meet Andrew Allen, but I heard her. Amazing as ever.

    Matt Nathanson. He was amazing, You described the rest perfectly.

    OneRepublic, amazing as well. Them and Matt Nathanson had the perfect sets. After the show I kept on telling my friend that we now has full bragging rights to say that we saw a OneRepublic concert. For Free.

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