Concert Review >> Funeral Party Kick off Panic! At the Warfield in S.F.

Last week, Funeral Party played the Warfield in San Francisco as a part of Panic! at the Disco’s ongoing tour. The LA-based band played six songs off their debut album, The Golden Age of Knowhere, which was released earlier this year.

Funeral Party kicked off their set in front of a sea of people with the title track from their album. The audience seemed to respond excitedly to the energetic band, led by lead vocalist, Chad Elliott.

Elliott comes off as a passionate, yet seemingly full of angst type front man. He did a great job pumping up the restless (and for those in the pit, swaying) San Francisco audience by telling them that they “looked more badass” than their hometown crowd from the previous night’s show in L.A., which provoked a loud round of cheering from the room.

The band performed a nice cross section of songs from their album, including “Car Wars” and “New York Moves to the Sound of L.A.,” but it was their lead single, “Finale” that got the collective audience moving and clapping along the moment the song started.

Looking back on the night of music as a whole, I found that this tour seemed to be a really good fit and great exposure for a band that’s just released their first album, such as Funeral Party. This was my first experience at a Panic! At the Disco show, but from what I could tell, they seem to appeal to a wide range of music listeners. There were guys and girls from high school ages on up through college, including a handful of adults that could be seen rocking out on the floor the whole night.

Also, performing alongside a band like Panic! At the Disco allows Funeral Party to take cues on what works when performing for a large audience. For instance, I think engaging with the crowd is really important and has a hand in holding their attention for the remainder of a band’s set. I think if the band figures out what songs they can get the audience more involved in that they’ll be a pretty unstoppable live act.

Overall, the whole night was filled with great music courtesy of Funeral Party, fun., and Panic! At the Disco, and is hands down the best tour I’ve attended so far this year.

Funeral Party is on tour with Panic! At the Disco through Wednesday, June 29. For more information on the band, check out their official website.

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Kirsten Coachman

Kirsten Coachman is a Writer, Editor, and Arts & Entertainment Journalist from the SF Bay Area. When not listening to music or cheering on the San Jose Sharks, she's probably at the movies. Follow her on Twitter: @KirsCoachman

3 thoughts on “Concert Review >> Funeral Party Kick off Panic! At the Warfield in S.F.”

  1. They’re energy is unmatchable! The six songs literally blew by and when they said “this is gonna be our last song” my jaw literally dropped! Anyway, stellar performance from a great band! And sara’s right… they’re on Vevo lift now which is awesome cause more people will get to hear them!!

  2. This band is so bomb. They played a great amount of songs and kept the energy in the room at it’s height. I would love to see them again!!!

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