Live-Blog: American Idol Final Two! Scotty McCreery v. Lauren Alaina!

Live-blogging the Final Two!

Refresh for updates throughout the show!

Round 1: Contestant’s Choice

Round 2: Scotty’s song picked by George Strait; Lauren’s song picked by Carrie Underwood

Round 3: Contestant’s first single

Scotty won the coin toss; he let Lauren go second.

Round 1

Scotty’s Choice: “Gone”

Great way to open the show! I think Scotty made a smart decision to reprise “Gone.” He sounded fantastic and really worked the whole stage. He’s in it to win it? Too soon? :P

Lauren’s Choice: “Flat On The Floor”

I think this was another smart song choice. Goodness, I was scared for her to walk down those stairs.  Lauren’s voice did kind of go towards the end, but she powered through it. She needs to utilize the stage more. She’s lacking presence.

Overall thoughts on Round 1: Why are the judges not critiquing the contestants?

Round 2

George Strait’s Choice For Scotty: “Check Yes or No”

Scotty’s on guitar and is showing a lot of personality through his vocal inflection. I think the song is definitely age appropriate for him. I am going to knock him on his outfits so far, this is the finale, you gotta step it up. Some dress pants  and a plain button down wouldn’t have killed him.

Carrie Underwood’s Choice For Lauren: “Maybe It Was Memphis”

Lauren sounds pretty good. She does sound like her voice has been bothering her some. I really want to feel like she’s leaving it all on the stage, but she’s leaving me feeling just nothing. And don’t even get me started on that dress.

Judges thoughts:

Randy: Thought Scotty’s reprisal of “Gone” was brilliant.” Thinks round one went to Scotty, but round two to Lauren Alaina.

J-Lo: Thought it was such an explosive show from the start. “Jenny From the Block” is bussing Scotty. No bueno.

Steven: Gives both rounds to Lauren Alaina, because she’s prettier. ::head-desk::

Round 3

Scotty’s single: “I Love You This Big”

This song is perfect for Scotty. However, it’s also putting me to sleep. Why can’t a coronation song/winner’s single ever be upbeat and exciting? He had an okay closing note. He could win some votes if he shed a tear or five.

Lauren’s single: “Like My Mother Does”

Side note: This song can be found on season seven Kristy Lee Cook’s debut album. 

Great song choice for Lauren. She definitely had a bunk note about half-way through there, though. Nice moment with her mom, but not a great vocal performance.

Judges just kind of force fed America some Lauren. It will be interesting to see if that pays off in her favor.

Overall thoughts: This finale was not as fun as I hoped it would be. Boo.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the performance of the night goes to David Cook, who rocked it out with this season’s send-off song, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”!

Check out his performance below!

Alright y’all, who are you voting for? And take the poll below!


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6 thoughts on “Live-Blog: American Idol Final Two! Scotty McCreery v. Lauren Alaina!”

  1. Yea Scotty’s single was a little odd.

    What is weirder is they gave Lauren a Kristy Lee Cook leftover, despite the Kristy Lee Cook curse. Ominous? Maybe ;)

    1. I feel like Scotty’s first single should have been an upbeat song, like “Gone.” I know the songs are supposed to be all sentimental, but from a paying music fan standpoint, I wouldn’t pay for either of these songs.

      I was shocked when I found out Lauren’s song was off that Kristy Lee Cook album. That’s just mean. LOL

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