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Live-blogging the Top 3!

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Round 1: Contestant’s Choice

Round 2: Jimmy Iovine’s Choice

Round 3: Judges’ Choice

This week’s mentor: Beyonce  (Could that be because Idol is debuting her new music video tonight? )

Scotty McCreery is kicking off the night with his favorite song by Lonestar after the break.

Scotty’s Choice – “Amazed” by Lonestar (Beyonce’s a fan!)

“His voice is so full and warm.” – Beyonce

My thoughts: Not too much of a stretch from Scotty, but I do just love this song. And he is singing in a different key than what he normally sings in. He’s not relying on his lower register as much. I’m impressed. He sounds very contemporary. Nice pulled out note at the end. Another solid performance from Scotty.

Steven: “I saw you get angry, it’s what I’ve been waiting for.”

J-Lo: “You’ve grown so much as a performer.”

Randy: Name-dropping left and right… “Couple pitchy spots…at the end when you looked into the camera, that’s money!”

Lauren’s singing a Faith Hill song as her personal pick after the break!

Lauren’s Choice – “Wild One” by Faith Hill

Beyonce thinks this is a good for her, because she likes Lauren singing more upbeat and fun songs. She also thinks her nerves are “healthy,” but when the cameras are on she needs to perform. (Solid advice!)

My thoughts: I like Lauren’s voice, but she does not connect to the words to the songs she sings. She went sharp about half-way through her performance. I think she should have gone with a different Faith Hill song.

J-Lo: “You gotta attack it like that every time; that was great.”

Randy: “That fearlessness, that’s the kind of thing you’ve got to have…when you let go, you’re at your best.”

Steven: “You were singing like you owned the song. You’re ready for America to just be all over you.”

Haley’s Choice – “What Should Never Be” by Led Zeppelin

Beyonce couldn’t wait to hear her sing the song, found her song  choice to be interesting.

My thoughts: I really love her song choice. Haley’s peaking when she needs to peak. I love that her Dad was up there playing with her. She stumbled getting up the stairs in her heels, but she played it off like a pro. I am with the judges, Haley wins round one.

Randy: “This was one of your best performances ever! Haley’s in it to win it! (Take a shot!)

Steven: “It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about how many times you get back up.”

J-Lo: “You sang it really, really, really great!”

Scotty – Jimmy Iovine’s Choice – “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not” by Thompson Square

My thoughts: Jimmy Iovine, you disappoint me. I’m not feelin’ this song at all. Scotty’s singing it well, per usual. I like that he’s playing guitar. This song choice makes me nervous. Not my favorite Scotty performance, but he sounded good.

Steven: “I’ve never heard you sing a chorus like that before.”

J-Lo: “You feel so comfortable, and everyone enjoys you..” or something like that, she distracted me when she started talking about his hair.

Randy: “Approaching that Garth (Brooks) level.” Guess what? Scotty’s in it to win it! (Take a shot!)

Lauren – Jimmy Iovine’s Choice – “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry

My thoughts: Great song choice for Lauren. Her voice is hitting all the notes in the sweetest way. She either just forgot the lyrics or got overwhelmed. Either way, she recovered nicely. Her voice got a little shouty towards the end, but the front part of the song was damn near flawless.

J-Lo: “You have the most beautiful tone of all our finalists. You got caught up in the honesty of that moment and it was beautiful.”

Randy: “Beautiful song for you, you are definitely in it to win, too.” (Is he seriously going to say this all night? TAKE A SHOT.)

Steven: Something about being beautiful…beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

Coming up next…Idol turns into Total Request Live! (Beyonce’s video is coming up…)

Haley – Jimmy Iovine’s Choice – “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac

My thoughts: FANTASTIC SONG CHOICE! (I loved Didi Benami’s take on this song last season, too.) It sounds like she’s kind of mumbling…she needs to enunciate more when she goes into her lower register. Not loving the last note of the song, but it was an okay performance. Not my favorite.

Randy: “I think you did a good job of with it. Kind of a somber moment for me. You’re in the zone.”

Steven: “You sang that song so beautiful, it reminded me of why I fell in love with Stevie Nicks to begin with.”

J-Lo: “It was a nice contrast to what you did earlier. It was a beautiful moment.”

— Beyonce video premiere: “Run The World (Girls)” — (AKA: Kirsten switches out her laundry break!)

Scotty – Judges’ Choice – “She Believes in Me  by Kenny Rogers

My thoughts: Why did they pick this song for him? Ugh. Scotty needed a song where he could move around, and the straddled him with this damn ballad. It’s so old-fashioned that he can’t really make it contemporary. He’s doing the best he can with it. Ugh judges, you suck.

Steven: “You put it over the top right there.”

J-Lo: “That’s one of the reasons we picked that song for you, we wanted to see you hit that note in the chorus. I guess you showed us, didn’t you.”

Randy: “Very nicely done.”

P.S. Scotty’s dad is awesome! #BabyLockThemDoors

Lauren – Judges’ Choice – “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

My thoughts: Ahh, she came out with so much confidence! I love it! She needs to move a little more, but she sounds fantastic! She went for a couple larger notes, which worked out in her favor. She ended on a strong note.

J-Lo: “You have me just goosies from head-to-toe.”

Randy: Name-dropper!!!! “This song is a  great lyric for a great singer.”

Steven: “You walked down there like you owned the Grand Ole Opry. I’m so happy.”

Haley – Judges’ Choice – “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette

My thoughts: First off, she looks phenomenal. I wish she wasn’t trying so hard to sound like Alanis. She should have sung this in her true voice. It was kind of shouty throughout, but I really liked her passion and intensity.

Randy: “I love seeing you rock out like that in a soulful way.”

Steven: “That was so perfect. You nailed the choruses.”

J-Lo: “The stronger parts were the choruses.”

Overall thoughts: Decent Top 3 tonight. I wish Scotty had been pushed a little more, but he sounded terrific. Really liked Haley again tonight. Lauren had herself a little mini-Idol moment with her second performance. It was a good night for these three.

Who’s going home: Bye Lauren. Scotty/Haley are going to be our Final 2!


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