Same Site, New Home!

Hi everyone! (Not that I am entirely sure that I have readers, but if I do, HI!)

I recently decided to make a change at Wait…WHAT?, and that change would be moving from Blogger to WordPress.  I really like the layout options here, and I think the blog already looks a lot more organized and cleaner.

However, I did not take the archives with me. For nostalgia’s sake and lack of knowledge on how to make such a move without losing everything, I am leaving that blog in tact, but I will no longer be updating it. All of my reviews, commentary and interviews will be posted here.

I have had Wait…WHAT? since 2005, and I am so happy that I am still running it. Writing for BlogCritics has afforded me to stretch my wings a little and has provided opportunities that have kept me excited about writing about the things I love to write about.

Wait…WHAT? will still cover Idol, with emphasis on David Cook, Kris Allen & Lee DeWyze’s post-Idol careers, as well music, TV and live shows.  Toss in a couple YouTube videos here and there with some commentary and it will be like nothing changed!

I hope if you liked the original blog that you will continue to keep up and support Wait…WHAT? at it’s new home! (Also, feedback on the layout would be great, because I haven’t decided if I like this one or not.)

For the time being, I haven’t gotten my latest reviews posted, quite yet, but keep an eye for them over the weekend!

Shine On,



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Kirsten Coachman

Kirsten Coachman is a Writer, Editor, and Arts & Entertainment Journalist from the SF Bay Area. When not listening to music or cheering on the San Jose Sharks, she's probably at the movies. Follow her on Twitter: @KirsCoachman

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