Maroon 5 Perform “She Will Be Loved” at The Fillmore

Heyo! Just wanted to share “She Will Be Loved” from the Maroon 5 concert at The Fillmore from the other night.

I am sharing this video in particular, because the banter before the performance is pretty funny. I love it when Adam gets chatty with the crowd. It makes the show that much more entertaining!

Check it out!

Check out the video source’s channel on YouTube. They have most of the Maroon 5 concert from the other night uploaded!

Alright, enjoy the rest of your Saturday night!

Video: Maroon 5 Perform at The Fillmore

Last night Maroon 5 performed a free concert at The Fillmore in San Francisco as apart of the launch of the new Windows 7 phone.

The show was an abridged version of their Hands All Over tour. They did a great mix of 12 songs. I have to admit that I was shocked that they didn’t perform “Makes Me Wonder,” however I loved hearing “Hands All Over” live. It was a hot performance!

Per usual, I have brought a gift to share with the class!

Enjoy Maroon 5 performing their latest single, “Give A Little More.”

As a bonus and because my dad loves this song, here is “Sunday Morning” preceded by the band intros.


Both videos were taken by moi!