Behind the ‘Glee’ >> “New York”

Season two of Glee comes to a close tomorrow night with it’s finale entitled, “New York.” Check out what Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith had to say about filming in New York!

Also, Michael Ausiello over at TV|Line just posted a sneak preview of the “I Love New York”/”New York, New York” mash-up performance from tomorrow night’s episode!

Who’s excited for tomorrow night’s episode?


Jonathan Groff to Return to ‘Glee’!

Earlier this week, TV|Line’s Michael Ausiello divulged the news that I have been waiting months to hear; Jonathan Groff will be reprising his role of Jesse St. James before the end of season two of Glee!

Oh, heck yes!

According to Ausiello’s source, “He’s back to apologize to Rachel, and perhaps get her back.”


I am so excited for Groff’s return to the show! His storyline with Lea Michele’s character Rachel Berry came to an unexpected halt last season, without a real sense of closure between the two as a couple. It will be a treat to see what shenanigans Ryan Murphy has in store for the couple affectionately known as, “St. Berry”!

Are you excited for Jonathan Groff’s return to Glee?