Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas Discusses the Band’s New Album, ‘North’

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Music Review >> Gavin DeGraw – ‘Sweeter’

Proving to be at the top of his game, Gavin DeGraw returns this week with his fourth studio album, Sweeter.

On this new album, DeGraw worked with esteemed producers Eric Rosse (Sara Bareilles), Ron Aniello (Matt Nathanson), and Butch Walker (Weezer). The singer-songwriter sought to expand and experiment with his sound this time around. He decided to change it up by working with co-writers for the first time.

“I was happy with the way the writing was going. I just felt like I needed someone to rattle my cage and try different things,” DeGraw told me last week during our interview.

He reached out to fellow songwriters that he had wanted to work with, Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic) and Andrew Frampton (The Script). DeGraw’s latest hit, “Not Over You,” is the result of his collaboration with Tedder.

“I really felt strongly that it was a nice blend of what both of us kind of do musically,” DeGraw said of his lead single from Sweeter.

Tedder also contributed to the title track, “Sweeter,” which has a pop-funk kind of vibe, which I thought was a great way to kick off the album. The guitar in the beginning gets in your head to the point that you cannot help, but groove along to it throughout the song. There’s a confident, yet sexy swagger to the track, as DeGraw sings about wanting to get with another guy’s girl.

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Gavin DeGraw Discusses His New Album, ‘Sweeter’

Gavin DeGraw on his new album: “I really feel that it’s the best piece of art  that I’ve ever been affiliated with.”
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Music Review >> Sugarland – ‘The Incredible Machine’

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are back on the country music scene with Sugarland’s latest highly anticipated album, The Incredible Machine.

Sugarland has sold over 8 million records and have had six #1 singles on the charts including, “Something More,” “Baby Girl” and “Stay.” Their current single, “Stuck Like Glue” is #5 on the Country Songs charts. The band has toured the U.S. on many occasions, as well as performing in six different European countries.

The Incredible Machine is a great mix of music. There are anthems to sing-a-long to, fun ventures into pop music, and gorgeous ballads.  Opening track “All We Are” has a Bon Jovi-esque quality about it. It’s a big anthem of a song, as well as the track “Stand Up,” which would be a great number to open a live show with.

The lead single, “Stuck Like Glue” is a sweet love song with catchy lyrics. It has a classic bubbly pop sound, with lyrics that their fans will definitely find themselves singing-a-long to.

“‘Stuck Like Glue’ is just plain, unashamed, Sugar-fun!” Jennifer Nettles said in a press release. “It sticks in your brain, no pun intended. To me it feels young, hip and of course sassy!”

“Little Miss” is another catchy track to be found on The Incredible Machine. The mid-tempo song talks about picking yourself up and dusting yourself off. Definitely one of those songs you can turn to get through a rough time in your life.

The two stand out tracks on the album are ballads, “Tonight” and “Shine Your Light.” “Tonight” is an extremely well-written track. There’s a classic rock vibe to it, that gives it that power ballad feel. “Shine The Light” is a piano driven, uplifting song. Nettles really is allowed to let her strong vocals just shine with this motivating song.

The Incredible Machine is out Tuesday, October 19. For more information on Sugarland, check out their website.

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