Five Must-Listen Christmas Albums

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Christmas music. I’ve been a little ambivalent towards listening to it this year, because 2016 has left me feeling less holly and jolly than usual. However, being that tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, I thought it would be fitting to share five must-listen Christmas albums that also happen to be some of my favorites. 


You can’t talk Christmas albums without bringing up Mariah Carey’s classic Merry Christmas album. You’ll love it for the same reason we all love it. Mostly because of this catchy lil’ ditty:

Comprised of both traditional and contemporary classics, Merry Christmas is sure to capture your heart and have you attempting your best Mariah Carey high note in no time.


Christina Aguilera’s My Kind of Christmas is a completely underrated Christmas album, in my opinion. The album not only showcases her vocal range, but also her versatility, as the album crosses genres, from pop to blues to R&B/soul.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I totally slept on Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped in Red until this year. To no one’s surprise, it’s fantastic from start to finish. What else would you expect from Queen Kelly?


I know most, if not all, Christmas albums are feel-good albums, but Michael Bublé’s Christmas just a straight up feel-good album. It embraces the love and joy surrounding the holiday and will make your holidays that much brighter.


And finally, here’s a Christmas album that’s a bit of dark horse pick. I know, probably not the boyband Christmas album you might have been expecting, but hear me out. 98 Degree’s This Christmas has some of the best, on point harmonies, which is literally music to my ears. But hey, don’t just take my word for it…


For more of my favorite Christmas music, check out my Holiday Jamz playlist! Happy Holidays!




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