Live Blog >> ‘The Voice’ Top 4!

Live bloggin’ The Voice’s Top 4!

Welcome to tonight’s live blog of The Voice!


– Adam & Blake are lookin’ pretty sharp tonight!

– Carson Daly just announced that only one artist will be eliminated tomorrow night! Votes are more crucial than ever!

– Team Blake advisor Michael Buble is kickin’ off the show with a performance of “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”! (BTW, his Christmas special airs tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC!)

– Adam’s advice to Cee Lo: “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

– Christina’s advice to the Top 4: “Keep believing in themselves & keep connecting with the audience in their song choices.”

– Blake believes the future for his team is bright. Would love to be apart of Terry & Cassadee’s careers as long as they’ll have him.


Trevin Hunte

The Voice has taken a page from American Idol’s playbook & sent their Top 4 home to see their family & friends.

– Trevin is performing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Wouldn’t be my first song choice for him, but he’s doing his thing.

– The kid can sing…I’ll give him that.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: “That song really took me back. I sang it at every wedding, every talent competition…you took it to a whole other level.”

Nicholas David

– Went home & got to see his new house for the first time!

– Used to play at a venue called, The Happy Gnome. Love it!

– He’s singing “You Are So Beautiful.”

– He sounds great, I still wonder what his album might sound like…

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “You’re just one of the more soulful people I’ve ever met…”

Cee Lo: “So heartfelt, so beautiful.” Hinted that there was a disagreement over the song choice…seems like Cee Lo won the argument.

– Up next…a special performance of “White Christmas” from Blake Shelton & Team Blake!

– Head’s up! The Top 4 will be on Last Call with Carson Daly tonight!

Cassadee Pope

– Went home to West Palm Beach, Florida & received the key to the city.

– Cassadee is performing one of my favorite Keith Urban songs, “Stupid Boy.”

– I wasn’t crazy about her voice at the beginning of the season, but I really like the country spin she’s taken with her performances. I really think she seriously think about leaning in a country/rock/pop direction after the show ends.

– Lovely final notes.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: “Sometimes your voice sounds so right on, it sounds like auto-tune…I believe you, that’s what I think is so important. Blake, you have a true superstar on your hands.”

Blake: “Nobody else that’s ever been on this show can do what she just did…”

Terry McDermott

– Had a sweet reunion with his son! Too cute!

– Terry is performing “Let It Be” by The Beatles!

– He’s just nailing this song. Great pick for him.

– Rock music needs this dude. His voice is just made of pure awesome.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “Thank God for you, Terry. You’re so wonderful. You did an incredible job, bro.”

Blake: “That song is sacred ground. There’s only a handful of people in the world that should attempt it, and you’re one of them.”

Just a reminder: Only one artist will be eliminated tomorrow night!!! Get your votes in!

Tomorrow night’s results show will have performances from season two’s Juliet Simms, RaeLynn & Chris Mann!

Who are y’all rooting for to move on to the Top 3?


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3 thoughts on “Live Blog >> ‘The Voice’ Top 4!”

  1. Frankly, I think Trevon was detuned tonight, because he was so flat that it hurt at times, and I think that Cassadee was, in fact, autotuned. She has never been able to sing on pitch, especially those screechy high notes, and in her lower register. That having said, the song did sound nice, but did she really sound like that? I have been following her for several years now. I think she is being pushed to the public so people will like her. When they showed their little fun clips, they always showed her more than the others, the interview with Amanda and Cassadee…Christina Milian only talked to Cassadee (or at least that was all we were shown). The judges rave about how she “nails” songs, when clearly she doesn t….it all seems a little fishy to me.

    1. Trevin was definitely a little all over the place towards the end of his song. I think it would have been nice if Cee Lo had picked out a song that would have showcased some vocal restraint and would have allowed for more of a clean and solid vocal.

      As far as Cassadee is concerned, I definitely haven’t been her biggest fan. She had some rough vocal performances early on in the competition, which always led to me being surprised when Blake repeated to put her through round after round. I think that she’s probably Blake’s favorite and that’s why he really cheers her on week after week. I also think that Blake has been selecting songs for her, where she’s able to stay on pitch and have a solid vocal performance. It seemed like once she went country, her voice improved a lot, which is why I think the country/rock/pop genre is more suitable for her voice. She seemed to have more vocal issues with the rocker girl songs.

      I think what you have to remember is that with this show, unless the contestants go completely off the rails, the coaches will build them up and rave about them.

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