Live Blog >> ‘The Voice’ Top 6!

Live bloggin’ The Voice’s Top 6!

Welcome to tonight’s live blog of The Voice! Enjoy!


The Top 6 will be performing not one, but TWO songs tonight!

Christina Aguilera says that she is “loving Cassadee Pope.”

Pat Monahan of Train sat in for Cee Lo during the one-on-one sessions this week for his team.

Nicholas David

– Cee Lo picked out Earth Wind & Fire’s “September” out.

– Pat advised Nicholas to showcase other aspects of his voice. Solid advice, IMO.

– I am loving hearing Nicholas sing a legit uptempo song & he sounds great. This is my favorite performance from him of the entire competition so far.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “I’m a fan, man.” Compliments him on having an identity as an artist. Disappointed that he didn’t sing out the chorus parts, even though they are higher.

Christina: “Still would like to see something more adventurous from you.”

Cassadee Pope

– Blake Shelton picked “Stand” by Rascal Flatts for Cassadee to sing.

– I would definitely give Cassadee the “Most Improved” award on The Voice. I think she’s improved so much.

– I think country-rock might be a solid genre for Cassadee to take on in her post-Voice career. She is really singing the crap out of this song & is delivering a solid overall performance.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: “You won me over. Your chops are just right on!”

Adam: “I kind of want to see something a little more different and bizarre from you.”

Amanda Brown

– Singing “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”…I’m really excited for this!

– Adam says that he “really couldn’t feel more confident about what [Amanda] is doing.”

– She is so incredibly talented, my word.


Comments from the Coaches

Blake: “I really want to find something to criticize about that, but I can’t. You’re a world class singer.”

Cee Lo: “It was wonderful.”

Adam: “That was an awe-inspiring performance.”

Terry McDermott

– Terry has chosen to performance “I Want to Know What Love is” by Foreigner.

– Blake suggests stripping down the arrangement to highlight Terry’s voice more during the performance.

– Very heartfelt performance from Terry.

– He sounds like he’s straining his voice a bit. Not my favorite vocal performance from him.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: After hearing that, there’s no doubt that Blake has the strongest team.” Hmmm….okay.

Cee Lo: “I love you, I love your rendition, I love your voice.”

Adam: “That’s a tough one, especially to do it in a really cool, unique way. You slayed it.”

Blake: “That was unbelievable.”

Trevin Hunte

– Cee Lo picked “Walking on Sunshine.” Um.

– Pat tells him to “do your thing, man.”

– I’m not crazy about the song choice, because it doesn’t showcase Trevin in a contemporary music setting.

– Trevin actually sounds pretty good, shouty at parts, but overall he had a really solid vocal performance.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “That is the genius of Cee Lo Green.”

Cee Lo: “It made me feel so much better to see you happy and moving, and connecting with the people. I hope you feel what the intentions were.”

Melanie Martinez

– Melanie is singing Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”

– She hopes Cee Lo isn’t too hard on her about her song choice.

– Adam thinks it’s a good choice & keeps her vibe alive.

– Melanie dyed her blonde hair blue!

– To be honest, this isn’t one of my favorite songs, but I think Melanie has put a great spin on it.

– I don’t think this was one of her strongest performances, but she’s so fun to listen to every week.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: “You had a cool lullaby effect. You made a great effort at it.”

Cee Lo: “I think you did a great job.”

Terry McDermott

– Blake chose Rod Stewart’s “Stay With Me” – one of my faves!

– I already like this performance better than his first one, there’s better musicality to it.

– I think this song showcases what kind of artist Terry is & just really showed off his voice.

Comments from the Coaches

Cee Lo: “I think you are the real thing. I’m a big fan of yours. Great job”

Adam: “You’re probably the most consistent singer.”

Blake: “You keep pushing it to the next level, and again you make it look easy. And that’s the mark of a star.”

Trevin Hunte

– Trevin has chosen to sing “And I Am Telling You” from Dreamgirls.

– Says the song is a message to America saying “I’m not going anywhere.” Well, that right there probably just sealed his fate.

– I get that Trevin can sing these big ballads, which is fine, but it doesn’t show us anything new. We know he can sing all these insane notes. Show us you can survive on the charts past this show.

– Okay, that last note was INSANE.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “You killed Christina.”

Blake: “That was incredible.”

Christina: “When you hit those notes, there’s something about you that’s just magical.” Whoa! Christina offered to take Trevin on the road with her if he doesn’t score a record deal after the show. Pretty awesome.

Cee Lo: “Ladies & gentlemen, I’d like to take a moment of silence to mourn for the rest of the competition.”

Amanda Brown

– Adam picked out White Snake’s “Here I Go Again” for her to sing.

– I love the rock side to Amanda. It adds such a dynamic to her performances & shows she’s capable of pretty much anything.

Comments from the Coaches

Christina: “It was really great.”

Cee Lo: “You’re just compassionate and fierce as ever.”

Adam: “It just suits you, cause you love this. It’s crazy all the different types of things you can do.”

Melanie Martinez

– Adam picked “The Show” by Lenka for Melanie.

– Adam tells her it’s okay to be 17 sometimes.

– I like this song choice for Melanie, she’s showing more personality & emotion in her performance. Really enjoyed this.

Comments from the Coaches

Blake: “You sang it really good. Your actual vocalizing of that song was great.”

Christina is basically taking the moment to put the spotlight on herself by singing examples of what she thought Melanie should have sung.

Cee Lo: “I enjoyed it.”

Adam: “I’m just happy that you’re here & I’m a fan.”

Cassadee Pope

– She picked Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” to sing.

– Blake thinks it’s the right song.

– I am really partial to Avril’s version to the song, so Cassadee is really going to need to pull out all the stops.

– I really wish she would have put her own spin on the build up into the big glory notes. That last glory note was really impressive.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “I think that was my favorite performance of yours.”

Blake: “Cassadee Pope is one of those rare individuals to tell a story, plus she has the ability to sing really, really good.”

Nicholas David

– He chose to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I’m a little shocked by this, but I’m looking forward to it.

– I really liked the groovy breakdown during the second verse. Plus, I love that he’s managing to put his own spin on it, vocally, while staying true to the original melody.

Comments from the Coaches

Adam: “I am genuinely a fan of your music.”

Blake: “That was magic & that was beautiful.”

Cee Lo: “I think you did a wonderful job.”

Kirsten’s overall thoughts: I thought the contestants did really good tonight. I think Amanda did the best at showcasing her versatility as an artist. Plus, I think her vocal talent is simply out of this world. Like I tweeted out last week, I think it would be an absolute travesty if she does not win this show. Amanda personifies what it means to have The Voice.

I think Nicholas also had a very strong night. I really enjoyed both of his performances. Cassadee also did a great job.

I still don’t understand Cee Lo choosing “Walking on Sunshine” for Trevin. I really think he needs contemporary R&B song to show off not only his vocal ability, but to prove that he can be current. Selfishly, I wish he would return to covering songs off of Michael Bolton’s Greatest Hits CD, because I think he would kill doing a rendition of “Time, Love, and Tenderness.” But if he survives this next week, I would love to see him tackle a song by Ne-Yo, like “Miss Independent” or “Mad.”

Vocally, I thought Melanie was a bit off tonight. She had pitch issues with both of her songs, but at the same token, I was really entertained. I loved the arrangement for “Crazy,” and I thought that “The Show” really allowed her to show more emotion during her performance.

I didn’t love Terry’s voice on the Foreigner song; it really sounded like he was straining throughout the performance. I absolutely loved “Stay With Me.” He just embodies what rock-n-roll should be. I hope he did enough to stay another week in the competition.

At this point, all of the remaining singers are so talented, I can’t even predict who I think will be eliminated tomorrow. I wish all the contestants the best of luck!

Who are y’all rooting for to move on to the Top 4?

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