Lifehouse Reveals the Title of Their New Single

Well, color me excited!

Lifehouse sent out an email this week containing a video message from the band’s lead singer, Jason Wade. Check out the video below!

Like Jason said, Lifehouse’s upcoming single off their sixth studio album is called, “Between the Raindrops” and it will feature “a very, very special guest.”

It’s always so exciting for me to hear new music from one of my favorite bands, and I cannot wait to hear “Between the Raindrops”!

Who else is excited for the new Lifehouse single? And who do y’all think the special guest on the single is going to be?

Let the speculation begin!

E.T.A. 09.05.2012 –  And the special guest is…

Natasha Bedingfield is the special guest on Lifehouse’s upcoming single, “Between the Raindrops,” which will be released to iTunes on September 11!

Click here to listen to a listen to a snippet of “Between the Raindrops”!

I am loving this song- I cannot wait to hit up iTunes for my copy next week!

E.T.A. 09.11.2012  – “Between the Raindrops” is now available on iTunes!

Photo credit: Lifehouse


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