Song of the Week >> “Wipe Your Eyes” – Maroon 5

If you do not own the deluxe version of Maroon 5’s new album, Overexposed, then you, my friend, are missing out! Apart from the studio version of “Wasted Years,” which has been a long time coming for M5 fans and the wonderful, rousing take of Prince’s “Kiss,” there’s an absolute gem of a song called, “Wipe Your Eyes.”

Produced by J.R. Rotem and Sanjeet Singh Kang, “Wipe Your Eyes” is probably one of the best songs to be found on Overexposed. It has that catchy, groove with me kind of beat, yet still has the makings of a classic Maroon 5 song. For me, “Wipe Your Eyes” really stands out as one of the band’s best tracks to date and has easily become a favorite of mine.

Lead singer Adam Levine said during the Spotify commentary for the song, “Matt’s kind the star – our drummer’s kind of the star of that song, it’s it’s really rock ‘n’ roll. Raw rock ‘n’ roll, drum heavy, which, you know, a lot of the songs on the record don’t have that, so I love the fact that it’s this big rock interpretation of an R&B song.”

Take a listen to the Wait…WHAT? Song of the Week, “Wipe Your Eyes” off of the deluxe version of Maroon 5’s newest album, Overexposed, below!


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