The Voice >> The Blind Auditions Continue – Live Blog!

Wait…WHAT?’s live blog of the latest round of blind auditions!

The Voice season two – Blind Auditions – Live Blog

Sarah Golden, Texas

– Sang Lady Gaga’s “You And I”

– Cee Lo turned around & Blake turned around last minute.

– “I want you both.” “You can’t handle us both, baby.” – LOL

– Sarah goes with Cee Lo.

Elley Duhe

– She dropped out of school her senior year of high school to pursue music.

– Singing Duffy’s “Mercy.”

– She has a bit of a unique quality to her voice, yet none of the judges turned around.

– Go get your diploma. ::soap box::

– I wish the judges would just give her some more constructive criticism. Only Blake kept it real with her.

Pip, 19, Georgia

– Singing “House of The Rising Sun.”

– Dayum. This kid has some pipes.

– Adam is the first to turn around!

– Blake, Cee Lo, and Xtina all turn around!

– And now the coaches battle it out for this kid.

– Adam brings up the fact the he’s won…LOL, that’s going to work everytime.

– Welcome to Team Adam!!!

– Oh Xtina, you’re just jelly.

Erin Willett, 22, Maryland

– Her dad is dying of cancer. :(

– Singing Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.”

– This girl can saaaang!

– Blake is the first to turn around!

– Erin will be on Team Blake! Get it, gurl!

Katrina Parker, 34, Hollywood

– Carson Daly hand delivered her invite to the blind auditions!

– Originally from North Carolina

– Singing Tori Amos, “One of Us”

– Adam turns around first

– “I WIN.” – Adam

David Grace, 28, Santa Fe, TX

– Played college football, became a football coach

– Went & got a guitar, has been singing for three years.

– Singing “Sweet Home Alabama.”

– Nice, solid vocals skills.

– He could probably rock some r&b music if he wanted to.

– Had a nice big note, I wish Blake would turn around.

– None of the coaches turn around.

Geoff McBride, Florida

– Wears sunglasses due to an old kickboxing injury.

– Singing Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”

– Xtina is the first to turn around!

– Cee Lo turns around!

– “I may not look like Cee Lo, but I’ve got soul, too.” – Xtina

– He goes with Xtina!

Erin Martin, 28, Chicago

– Model turned singer.

– Has done showcases for major labels, they have told her she needed to work on things.

– Singing “Hey There, Delilah.”

– Blake, then Cee Lo turns around.

– Cee Lo is hitting on this girl…

– Erin is on Team Cee Lo!

– What is up with that cat?

James Massone, 23, Boston

– Singing “Find Your Love” – Drake

– I’m so confused by his voice, but I love it.

– Xtina & Blake turn around!

– Cee Lo turns around!

– He’s got three insane choices for a coach to choose from.

– He’d do well with Xtina, IMO.

– He goes with Cee Lo. Interesting.

Winter Rae

– She has some striking blue hair.

– My friend, Perez Hilton? ….oh

– Singing Rihanna’s “Take A Bow.”

– “But it’s over now….go on and take a bow.”

– The coaches again do not dispense any constructive criticism. C’mon now.

Chris Cauley, 27, Atlanta

– Singing “Grenade” by Bruno Mars.


– And this is an amazing arrangement. I love that it’s more r&b/soul.

– Cee Lo turns around!

– Adam turns around!

– Tells Adam & Cee Lo to arm wrestle for him. Haha.


Nathan Parrett, 24

– Joins Team Adam

Brian Fuente

– Joins Team Blake

Moses Stone

– First-ever MC on The Voice

– Joins Team Xtina

Jordis Unga, 29, L.A.

– Singing “Maybe, I’m Amazed.”

-Blake is the first to turn around!

– Xtina & Cee Lo turn around!

– Her voice is insaaaaaaane.

– Jordis is on Team Blake!

And that is a wrap on tonight’s live blog! What did y’all think about tonight’s auditions?

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