The Voice: Yeah, I Think I Like It!

I finally got a chance to sit down late last week and watch the full premiere of The Voice. Aaaaaaaaand I love it! The overall talent level is phenomenal. The coaches are HONEST with the contestants, especially the ones that they wound up not picking for their teams.

Honestly, the coaches for me, especially Adam Levine, were the big draw to this show, but I’m definitely going to continue to watch not only for the fabulous bickering between Adam and Blake Shelton, but because these singers are amazing.

I do like that the coaches have to legitimately put in the time with their contestants to help better their chances at possibly winning the competition and actually having a singing career.  Plus,  the competition between the coaches is so catty, I just love it. I thought Christina Aguilera was going to poke Adam’s eyes out over getting a particular singer on his team.

I cannot wait for tonight’s blind auditions, so we can finally get the competition going! Watch out American Idol, The Voice is trying to steal my heart! Time to step your game up!

BTW, Go Team Adam!


12-Minute Preview of NBC’s ‘The Voice’

The latest in a string of reality singing competitions is kicking off next Tuesday, April 26 on NBC. The Voice, which is hosted by the radtastic Carson Daly, will features four very talented and influential artists from the world of music, Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and Blake Shelton.

Check out the 12 minute preview for NBC’s The Voice below!

I am very excited about this show. Of course, you could tell me that Adam Levine is going to be on anything, and I would totally tune in. Plus, it’s hosted by Carson Daly. I spent every afternoon of my Jr/Sr year of high school with this dude on TRL.

What are your thoughts on The Voice, and will you be tuning in on April 26?

Video: Maroon 5, Lea Michele & Christina Aguilera Perform at Super Bowl XLV

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I am all about the music. And this year, a handful of my favorite acts were all apart of this year’s game!

During the pre-show, Maroon 5 played their latest single, “Never Gonna Leave This Bed.” Check out the video below!

My favorite performance of the night was from Glee’s Lea Michele, who sang “America the Beautiful.” Her voice is absolutely gorgeous.

I have to say that Christina Aguilera is one of my all-time favorite vocalists. I thinks she’s insanely talented. To keep it real, it just wasn’t homegirl’s night.

She fumbled the lyrics, which of all nights to fumble the lyrics from the National Anthem, the Super Bowl isn’t one of them. But, she sang live. That is a feat in itself. She didn’t let it show that she botched the lyrics and just carried on with her performance. She was very professional about that. I can appreciate that.

If you missed Christina performing or just want to see it again, check out the video below.

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